Monday, January 09, 2006

Virtual Iron Software - Data center virtualization solutions Virtual Iron provides enterprise-class, data center virtualization and management software solutions that help enterprises dramatically reduce the cost of managing and operating their on demand and utility data centers, and rapidly respond to changing business demands.

Companies find it increasingly difficult to manage their enterprise data centers today. As a result, IT departments are not able to respond as effectively to the needs of the business as they would like. The reasons are many. Most data centers are just too inefficient and complex. They’re expensive to build out and difficult to reconfigure as needs change. Hardware cycles continue to shrink, so enterprises have an influx of new equipment and applications that need to be rapidly provisioned. At the same time, new business applications are driving a proliferation of servers that are woefully under-utilized. In many cases, utilization is as little as 5-10%. The net result of all this is a very high cost of ownership for a resource that is poorly positioned to meet the needs of the business.

Virtual Iron’s data center virtualization and management solutions enable organizations to take control of their data center by dramatically reducing the complexity associated with implementing, updating and managing IT systems. With Virtual Iron, organizations can address their most challenging data center initiatives — and achieve rapid ROI in the process. Can be used in conjunction with grid solutions.