Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Kx Systems - Billions of streaming or historical records Applications such as trading and risk management have required high-performance databases for years, and now virtually all industries are experiencing the challenges of implementing scalable databases that can be queried in realtime.

With traditional relational database systems, you must make a trade-off between fast inserts or fast queries as the database grows. Today, millions of records of streaming data are collected daily, and query speed is being compromised. Kx products are designed to scale for fast analysis without compromising data management.

Kx products have been architected for high performance in demanding database environments. Kdb+ offers scalable performance for data capture, storage, relational management, and analysis, all in one system. Kx technology provides:
1. a single database for streaming and historical data, enabling seamless data analysis with realtime results, even on billions of records.
2. exceptional developer productivity, with a single language for programming and data querying, plus the ability to support time-ordered analysis.
3. products on 64-bit and 32-bit technology running on cost-efficient, industry-standard hardware platforms.