Monday, January 09, 2006

Levanta - Get More of of Linux (Appliance) Levanta is a leader in Linux management and data virtualization. Levanta's unique technology marries change control with data virtualization, delivering dramatically faster and more flexible control of Linux on commodity hardware, racks, blades, boxes, virtual machines, and even mainframes. Unlike traditional script-based or disk-imaging solutions:

The Levanta system is a breakthrough in provisioning, deployment, and change management for Linux environments large and small. Whether you use blades, rack servers, large SMPs, desktops, virtual machines, or mainframes, Levanta can dramatically improve the power and flexibility of Linux.

Levanta can:
* Provision a new server in under 5 minutes
* Migrate and reactivate a system from one hardware platform to another in minutes
* Provide a seamless transition between virtual servers and physical hardware
* Track byte-level changes with rollback
* Undo any change, made by any means
* Restore a server, even an unbootable one, to a previous, known, stable state
* Completely secure file systems, even from superuser changes

Levanta's customers include industry leaders in financial services, entertainment, government, retail and telecommunications. Levanta has partnerships with IBM, HP, Novell, and Red Hat.