Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cogency Software - Access, Understand, Profit - Enhancing Fund Performance Cogency has developed core data integration technology that enables our customers to quickly aggregate data from various internal and external data sources to provide optimal decision making capabilities. Our solutions leverage existing data across multiple silos and convert the data into the timely and accurate business insights that drive your business.

Our industry-leading capabilities are founded on a comprehensive platform called Cogency Wisdom. This robust technology aggregates all your data, provides deep portfolio analysis according to any criteria, and is as easy to use as an Excel spreadsheet. Tap real-time data from throughout your firm. View it instantaneously according to your needs and priorities. Quite simply, Cogency Wisdom provides the most powerful, easiest to use information management capability available in the industry.

* Easy integration with your existing technologies and applications through its open environment.
* Intelligence that frees you to quickly seize moneymaking opportunities.
* Access to your information regardless of location or format.
* Flexibility to view information according to your needs - summary views, drill-downs, on-the-fly reports, etc.
* Scalability to grow as your firm's needs expand.