Friday, July 07, 2006

Smart Org - Value Based Management Systems SmartOrg Value-Based Management Systems help companies drive growth and profitability by focusing on key value drivers that affect the success of new projects and products. Our software rapidly screens early stage opportunities and monitors project and portfolio value throughout the development process.

Our software and services support making value-based decisions about where and how much to invest in R&D, New Product Development and other business opportunities. This “strategic” level of decision-making is quite different than the day-to-day “operational” decisions about resources, meeting schedules, hurdles and other matters over which you have a lot of control. At the strategic level, you have a lot of uncertainty at the beginning and limited amounts of control. Value-Based Management addresses the economic and technical factors, and the risks and uncertainties that surround them and that will often mean the difference between success and failure.

Portfolio Navigator is a web-based application that engages management and project teams in the evaluation and management of the business value of projects and portfolios. Portfolio Navigator brings the power of advanced decision and risk analysis to the average user through easy-to-understand business case templates.

Users can interact with business cases through their web browsers in real-time, immediately seeing the affect of changing assumptions and updates on project and portfolio value. At the early stage, managers can rapidly screen and identify potential winners and losers. As projects progress, business case templates can be easily updated to track progress against value goals.

Decision Advisor brings transparency to decisions about the future: forecasts, new products, processes, and other business opportunities. The system produces a clear picture of the most important technical and commercial factors that drive value and where to best allocate resources to minimize downside risk and drive toward upside value.

Decision Advisor is an “Intelligent Decision System” that frees users from the arduous and time consuming task of constructing and debugging spreadsheet business models. Users build business cases through a unique graphical interface, often during facilitated meetings. After the graphic case is completed the application automatically translates the graphic model into a completed Excel® spreadsheet model.

Developed by the founders of decision analysis, the patent-pending Decision Advisor process minimizes distrust of business cases because non-technical people clearly see, and understand, what is in each model.