Sunday, December 30, 2007

Vanguard Software - Management Systems for the Intelligent Enterprise Since 1995, Vanguard has helped thousands of companies in over 60 countries make better decisions by applying science to the planning process. Our methods go beyond data analysis to include tools and techniques for enterprise knowledge-capture, Web-based collaborative modeling, and strategic decision-making.

Monday, December 10, 2007

LiveOps - Leverage the Public as Call Center Agents LiveOps has provided leading companies with high-quality call center technology and services since 2000. We’ve successfully delivered thousands of call center programs to a wide variety of clients. And with more than 16,000 remotely-located independent contractor agents, we’ve moved aggressively into other industries, including food service, as well as retail and financial services.

Quite simply, LiveOps has changed the way people work together:

* By pioneering the distributed call center model, agents can be informed, scheduled, measured and motivated —no matter where they are located.
* Our technology has provided greater efficiency, flexibility and productivity to hundreds of our customers who have redefined the composition of their workforce.
* LiveOps customers pay only for the resources that they actually need.

By using a distributed call center—either as an alternative or complement to traditional centralized call centers — LiveOps technology provides tighter control, clearer visibility and greater performance than any alternative solution:

* Call center infrastructure capacity available on demand.
* Unique call routing and agent scoring system maximizes the utilization of your best agents.
* Workforce management optimizes capacity plans and distributed scheduling.
* Robust agent management applications.
* Analytics tools provide immediate visibility over every aspect of your contact center operations – no matter where resources are located.
* IVR/ASR offers constant flexibility in the use of automation or inbound or outbound Live Agents.

GlassFish - Java EE 5 The GlassFish community is building free, open source, production-quality, enterprise software. The main deliverables are an Application Server, the Java EE 5 Reference Implementation, and the Java Persistence API Reference Implementation, TopLink Essentials. The community also delivers Maven Repository, tools and much more.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Affinnova - From concept to launch Whether the objective is to create a new product, reinvigorate an existing brand, or develop a breakthrough marketing plan, Affinnova's solutions enable marketers to generate and evaluate millions of viable options to find the best ones. Affinnova empowers marketers to unleash their imagination, and innovate with speed and confidence.

Affinnova's patented IDDEA (Interactive Discovery & Design by Evolutionary Algorithms) technology engages consumers to amplify and optimize marketers' ideas. From an initial set of marketers' inputs, IDDEA's "Darwinian" process interacts with consumers to evolve a desired endpoint, such as a new product concept or a new promotion event. Consumers' preferences provide the critical selection pressure, through which good ideas live to breed better ones, and weak ideas die out. In the end, IDDEA identifies the best possible ideas, and draws powerful consumer insights from the evolution process.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Seriosity - The enterprise solution for information overload Seriosity's enterprise solutions use psychological and economic principles from multiplayer games to improve collaboration, innovation and productivity. The first use of our innovative approach is a robust solution to address information overload.

Attent with Serios is an enterprise productivity application inspired by multiplayer online games. It tackles the problem of information overload in corporate email using psychological and economic principles from successful games. Attent creates a synthetic economy with a currency (Serios) that enables users to attach value to an outgoing email to signal importance. It gives recipients the ability to prioritize messages and a reserve of currency that they can use to signal importance of their messages to others. Attent also provides a variety of tools that enable everyone to track and analyze communication patterns and information exchanges in the enterprise.

The lively marketplace of ideas and communication patterns that emerges from this economy offers new insights into collaboration, teamwork and goal alignment. The Seriosity solution to information overload will give your information workers more time, more thoughtful input and more insight so that they can be more productive.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

endeavors - Application Streaming Specialists Endeavors Technologies is the pioneer in Application Streaming technology, an exciting and radically new way of distributing software applications on demand. The company owns original patents and technology in the field. It is reported that Vodafone JP (Softbank) has the largest deployment of 350,000 users. The solution is claimed to "just work", and is reported to be very efficient. The Vodafone deployment is apparently running off just seven servers.

The company believes that application streaming will eventually replace conventional methods of software distribution and publishing. It provides any user on a network the access, reach, ease and flexibility of Internet delivery to existing, client-based applications, something most web developers only dream of.

Application streaming replaces thin client and network computing with a new model that radically reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) for any organization. Application streaming harnesses the power of existing client machines to dramatically reduce the size and expense of virtual servers while providing a much better user experience, both improving customer satisfaction and lowering TCO.

Endeavor' solutions enable the rapid, cost-effective deployment and management of Windows-based applications that can be hosted within an enterprise or delivered through a software as a service (SaaS) model.

Microsoft SoftGrid - Application virtualization (Streaming) Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization is the only virtualization solution on the market to deliver applications that are never installed and are dynamically delivered, on demand. It dramatically improves IT efficiencies, enables much greater business agility and a rich end-user desktop experience. But does it work?

appStream - Stream Apps Now AppStream is a leading provider of technology for on-demand software distribution and software license management tools for the extended enterprise.

AppStream's on-demand application distribution and license management platform provides an optimal solution to serve the application management needs of enterprise environments, providing high productivity with controlled, guaranteed access to necessary applications from any Windows applications from any location at any time, including remote and mobile users.

* At Launch

Upon initial launch, AppStream streams only the application "startup block", enabling the user to launch the application and begin to work with it in seconds — much more quickly than solutions that require the entire application to be transferred and installed before it can be accessed.

* During Use

While the application is in use, AppStream's on-demand application streaming technology responds instantly to an end user's actual needs, transparently sending down additional application functions when the end user clicks on them. All streamed application functions persist across sessions. Because typical end users access only a fraction of an application's functions in normal use, bandwidth consumption is minimized — in most cases, AppStream's on-demand application streaming technology needs to stream less than ten percent of the application to support the end user's needs.

* Updating

Each time an end user launches an application, AppStream compares the local application with its server-side counterpart, seeking inconsistencies. Any discovered application updates are streamed to the user while the application is still in use — a targeted update process that focuses only on the parts of the application the end user actually needs. This process can be extended to periodically check for damaged blocks of code and automatically repair the application.

* Predictive Streaming

AppStream's application streaming technology uses sophisticated predictive algorithms to make the on-demand software distribution process as efficient as possible. As an end user works with an application, the AppStream client requests additional application functionality from the AppStream server. The AppStream server captures these client request statistics, and feeds those statistics into a predictive algorithm. Over time, usage patterns are detected, and the server uses these patterns to perform predictive streaming — typically manifested by the streaming of application functions before they are requested based on the prediction that they are likely to be needed soon — thereby increasing end user satisfaction and eliminating wait time.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Acopia Networks - Virtualized Files Acopia is focused on delivering value to customers by simplifying file management. "We believe that an intelligent network is the key to balancing the benefits of centralized control with the need for distributed access. Acopia's solutions allow customers to break free from the constraints that currently exist in accessing and managing file data. By automating manual file management tasks, Acopia eliminates the disruptions and downtime associated with these tasks today. Our customers benefit from freedom of choice - freedom to use whatever storage technology they choose, freedom to access data in the most appropriate manner, freedom to move data whenever they wish."

Acopia's patented technology has been developed by a talented engineering team with extensive experience defining, designing, and introducing breakthrough products. Its technical mission was created by founder, industry visionary and serial entrepreneur, Cheng Wu. Prior to founding Acopia Networks, Cheng Wu founded Arrowpoint Communications, which was sold to Cisco Systems for $5.7 Billion in 2000. In 2002, Mr Wu was named to Interactive Week Magazines "Top 25 Unsung Heroes of the Internet." Today, Wu guides Acopia's technology vision, and is the Chairman of Acopia's Board of Directors.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Skinkers - Communications you can't miss The original Skinkers communication platform was first released in 2002. Over the last 4 years significant enhancements have been made and a number of releases issued. As the technology has been deployed we found a common need emerging: the ability to deliver ShouldKnow information through an “unmissable” communication channel, directly to the screens of the user.

Skinkers is a privately funded technology company headquartered in London with offices in Milan, New York and Sydney. Our founders have been involved with the web since 1993 when email and online communication were in their infancy. The management team includes a mixture of serial entrepreneurs and seasoned enterprise software professionals. We believe this mix of talent and experience ensures we can not only think creatively and build innovative technology, but also have the business maturity needed to deliver enterprise software to the world’s largest corporations. Since we founded in 2001 our expansion has been rapid. Many of the world’s leading brands use Skinkers technology.

Skinkers universal push platform is the world’s first multi channel message and content delivery technology. Our Live Notification Platform delivers information directly to the screen of the most appropriate digital device, e.g. a computer desktop or BlackBerry. We enable organisations to deliver priority notifications and distribute heavy content through a controlled, highly versatile and secure universal communication platform.

Employees, customers and business partners receive the information they ShouldKnow, at the right time, through the right channel, to the right device.

In June 2006 Skinkers agreed an ‘Equity for Technology’ deal with Microsoft. As joint development partners we are co-developing technology to enhance our current products and create new solutions for real-time event notification and high bandwidth content delivery. Microsoft plans to incorporate part of the final technology into its product line.

D-Wave Systems - The Quantum Computing Company "D-Wave Systems is the world's first and only source of quantum computing for commercial application. We believe quantum technology in concert with classical, digital processors, can and will represent broad and significant advancements in the application of computer science."

In February 2007, D-Wave unveiled and demonstrated this technology publicly for the first time. The company plans to deliver field-deployable systems in 2008.

Building a commercial-scale quantum computer processor was — and is — a daunting task. D-Wave’s strategy was to enter into collaborative partnerships with world-renowned researchers having access to significant capital infrastructure, while retaining all intellectual property developed. Each institution in this network was responsible for delivering some critical part of a future commercial processor. Partners included theoretical physicists, chemists, electrical engineers, cryogenics experts, applied physicists, mathematicians, and computer scientists. These partnerships were managed and led by D-Wave. All results were systematically reviewed, catalogued, and placed in the context of state-of-the-art developments both internal and external to the company's effort.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Asentinel - Automated Telecom Expense Management Like most corporations, telecom is probably one of your largest operating expenses. And like most, you also may suspect a lot of money is being wasted. The problem is that it's difficult to determine just how much money - or why - because that information is buried in never-ending stacks of invoices, spreadsheets, and CD's. Sound familiar?

Asentinel can help.

Bank reports savings of $411,000, recurring annual savings of $280,000+

Our enterprise telecom expense management (TEM) software solution transforms that paper trail into electronic data, producing actionable reports that can help you solve one of the most challenging business issues facing major corporations today... the need for enterprise automation and expense management.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Open Logic - Open source Software Management for Enterprises OpenLogic provides software, stacks and services that help enterprises to maximize the value of open-source software. With more than 700 customers in 25 countries, OpenLogic delivers a proven solution to manage open source deployments enabling companies to mitigate open source risks while reducing cost of ownership. OpenLogic solutions:

* ensure project quality - an up-to-date library of over 200 certified open source projects and stacks allows you to select proven and trusted content

* improve staff efficiency - a built-in expert knowledgebase accelerates the learning curve and a management suite automates deployment

* provide enterprise control - license and policy management tools let you determine how and where open source is used in your organization

ohloh - Open source directory Mapping the open source world by collecting objective information on open source projects.

Mulesource - open source ESB SOA The market for application, integration and messaging software is estimated at $8.5 billion with the market for the support and services of these software products valued at $132 billion (Gartner June 2006).

To date, these markets have largely been dominated by monolithic proprietary vendors who offer solutions that require considerable upfront licensing fees and professional services expenditures. We believe that open source creates better software, enabling enterprises to operate more effectively at a lower cost.

Founded in 2006 and backed by top-tier investors, MuleSource develops open source infrastructure and integration software and provides support and services to our users all over the world.

The Mule Open Source Project

The open source Mule project was founded in 2003 by Ross Mason, CTO of MuleSource Inc. Frustrated by integration "donkey work" Mason set out to create a new platform that emphasized ease of development and re-use of components. He started the Mule project to bring a modern approach, one of assembly, rather than repetitive coding, to developers worldwide.

Hundreds of thousands of downloads later Ross joined forces with Dave Rosenberg to found MuleSource Inc. and further the development of the product while supporting users worldwide.

MuleSource software is backed by the expertise, support and services of individuals who specialize in solving complex problems with open source solutions.

Laszlo Systems - Webtop - transforming the Web experience Laszlo Systems was founded to advance today’s online experience by enabling developers and designers to build better, more rich and robust web applications. In 2002, the company released a proprietary server software technology called ‘Laszlo Presentation Server’ (LPS). The first rich Internet application (RIA) platform available at that time, it retains its status as an industry pioneer today.

Going Open Source

Following market trends and customer demand, Laszlo Systems took LPS open source under the business-friendly Common Public License (CPL) in 2004, renaming its flagship product OpenLaszlo. The platform remains committed to combining the usability of desktop software with the administrative advantages of server-based deployment – complete with a quick and easy learning curve for developers. The end result is a quicker, richer, smarter, and more fluid Internet.
Current Company Offerings

As a provider of open source technology Laszlo is dedicated to its community, and offers a number of support, training, and consulting services in order to make learning, developing, and deploying OpenLaszlo applications as simple as possible. In addition to helping others build on OpenLaszlo, Laszlo licenses its own sophisticated OpenLaszlo-based commercial applications, such as Laszlo Mail.
OpenLaszlo Adoption

The success of the company today is evidenced in the OpenLaszlo-based services and applications that are touching millions of consumers through companies such as IBM,, Barclays Global, Sears, AllState, Pandora, among many others. OpenLaszlo also boasts one of the largest and most active open source developer communities with contributors spanning the globe. Lastly, adoption of the platform can be witnessed across a wide range of industries, including consumer, enterprise, education, financial, healthcare and government.

Starting at its early beginnings with the launch of LPS, Laszlo continues be an industry pioneer in the Web 2.0 and Ajax communities, and is well positioned at the forefront of the current market’s evolution.

Laszlo Systems is privately held and headquartered in San Mateo, California.

KnowledgeTree - Open source Document Mgt KnowledgeTree is a commercial open source document management system - a powerful tool that allows your organization to secure, share, track and manage the documents and records you depend on.

By leveraging an active and innovative open source community, KnowledgeTree provides an easy to use and production-ready enterprise document management solution for use by corporations, government institutions, medium to small business and many other organizations. KnowledgeTree’s open source architecture allows organizations to easily customise and integrate their document management system with their existing infrastructure, providing a more flexible, cost-effective alternative to proprietary applications.
bout JamWarehouse

JamWarehouse delivers business process management and web-based document management solutions to world-class organizations. Our client list includes Tesco Stores Plc, Britvic Softdrinks Ltd, Foschini Group South Africa and Woolworths South Africa.

Our flagship commercial product, BrandDirector, is an enterprise software solution for automating marketing processes in large retail, FMCG, design and brand companies.

BrandDirector has assisted leading retailers, consumer goods and brand companies in Europe and South Africa to launch products faster, improve their promotions management and take control of their marketing assets including point of sale, packaging, and above the line marketing material.

Jaspersoft - Open source BI JasperSoft is the leading supplier of commercial open source business intelligence solutions. Building on its earlier successful commercial and open source reporting solutions, JasperSoft has extended its reach into business intelligence, giving its customers the choice of a commercial or open source business intelligence suite. JasperSoft operational reporting products enable companies to place precise operational information into the hands of decision makers.

The JasperSoft reporting products have become the cornerstone of many mission critical application solutions in major market segments such as financial, retail and manufacturing, providing on-demand and real-time information delivery for critical applications such as auditing and reporting, customer self-service, compliance management and systems performance and tuning management.

JasperSoft is committed to commercial open source. Through its sponsorship of open source projects, JasperSoft is enhancing the open source offerings available to the world. By providing commercial support, it also offers its customers the comfort of technical support, and the project acceleration that comes from expert training and consulting services.

JasperSoft is privately held, and funded by leading venture firms Discovery Ventures (, Doll Capital Management (, Morgenthaler Ventures (, and Partech International (

Groundwork - open source IT management tools Offers a wide range of support for operating systems (Linux, Unix, Windows, others), applications, and networked devices. Unifying leading open source software, such as Nagios®, RRDtool, SNMP TT, Syslog NG and others, GroundWork Monitor Open Source is a basic IT infrastructure monitoring software package available free for download, GroundWork Monitor Small Business is a fully-supported, IT monitoring and management software customized for businesses with less than 50 devices in their infrastructure, and GroundWork Monitor Professional is a fully-supported, enterprise-class IT infrastructure monitoring solution that includes comprehensive "best practices" configuration tools, integrated consoles, performance monitoring and SLA reporting capabilities.

# Flexibility and low cost of open source tools to achieve enterprise-level availability, performance and operational efficiency at a fraction of the cost of proprietary software

# Visibility into the availability and performance of your entire IT infrastructure - systems, network equipment and applications

# Proactive alarms and diagnostic tools that help you identify and fix problems before they affect your customers

Funambol - mobile open source Funambol (pronounced "foo-nahm'-ball") comes from the Latin words funis (rope) and ambulare (walking), meaning a tight-rope walker.

Being an open source company means walking on a rope every day. We must always keep a balance between the needs of the open source community and the business. Every step we take, we remember to keep our balance – keeping the community committed, but also keeping our commercial customers more than happy.

Funambol’s vision is to bring the customer benefits of open source software to the $300 billion global mobile market. Just as open standards and open source software helped spark the explosion of the Internet, so Funambol believes open source software can accelerate creativity, innovation, and a wide range of new content, services and choice for wireless customers.

The mobile computing market has been made real by shipments of over 1,000,000,000 wireless devices: phones, PDAs, tablet PCs, and dedicated devices. Over 80% of these devices will ship with Java, or have plug-ins for their C++ environments. This is the basis for the next wave of computing.

Funambol’s open source mobile application server is based on the Open Mobile Alliance Data Synchronization and Device Management standard (OMA DS/DM, popularly known as SyncML), that is supported by more than 75% of new mobile handsets. Funambol provides mobile push email, PIM synchronization and device management software that allows developers in carriers, enterprises and ISVs/ASPs to synchronize, provision and manage mobile devices. Funambol’s mobile application server is flexible and open, allowing the company and community to offer implementations of other leading synchronization and management protocols for the wireless market.

Started in 2001 as Sync4j, Funambol is the leading open source implementation of SyncML. With more than 40,000 software downloads per month, it is supported by one of the largest mobile developer communities in the world. It is also the world’s fastest growing middleware platform.

EnterpriseDB - Open Source database compatible with Oracle EnterpriseDB produces the award-winning EnterpriseDB relational database management system (RDBMS). An enterprise-class RDBMS that is based on PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database, EnterpriseDB runs many Oracle applications unchanged, performs better than native PostgreSQL and is priced to reflect its open source heritage.

EnterpriseDB was founded in March, 2004 to bring the benefits of open source to enterprise databases. The company launched its first product in May, 2005 and has quickly become one of the most talked-about open source companies. Headquartered in New Jersey, EnterpriseDB has engineering and support centers in North America, Europe, and Asia. EnterpriseDB has received venture capital financing from Charles River Ventures, Valhalla Partners, Sony Online Entertainment and Fidelity Ventures.

db4Objects - Open Source Object database db4objects sponsors the development, commercially licenses and supports db4o, the open source object database.

Driven by the world's largest community of its kind, with 20,000 registered Java and .NET developers and counting, db4o offers the ultimate persistence solution to store objects of any complexity natively, with only one line of code. Development managers at the most innovative companies such as Boeing, Bosch, Intel, Ricoh and Seagate rely on db4o to increase developer productivity and bring differentiated products to market faster than their competition.

The full version of db4o is available under two licenses: the open source, GPL license, which enables easy download, evaluation, and use in GPL compliant projects; and an affordable commercial runtime license with support and indemnification from db4objects for product development companies that wish to embed db4o into their commercial, non-GPL products.

It is db4objects' mission to give developers a choice when it comes to object persistence and thus make their life a lot easier. To make db4o broadly available for free or at affordable prices, db4objects leverages the benefits of a world connected through the Internet to create a culture that is agile and collaborative, open and global -- unlike few other software companies.