Friday, February 09, 2007

Mulesource - open source ESB SOA The market for application, integration and messaging software is estimated at $8.5 billion with the market for the support and services of these software products valued at $132 billion (Gartner June 2006).

To date, these markets have largely been dominated by monolithic proprietary vendors who offer solutions that require considerable upfront licensing fees and professional services expenditures. We believe that open source creates better software, enabling enterprises to operate more effectively at a lower cost.

Founded in 2006 and backed by top-tier investors, MuleSource develops open source infrastructure and integration software and provides support and services to our users all over the world.

The Mule Open Source Project

The open source Mule project was founded in 2003 by Ross Mason, CTO of MuleSource Inc. Frustrated by integration "donkey work" Mason set out to create a new platform that emphasized ease of development and re-use of components. He started the Mule project to bring a modern approach, one of assembly, rather than repetitive coding, to developers worldwide.

Hundreds of thousands of downloads later Ross joined forces with Dave Rosenberg to found MuleSource Inc. and further the development of the product while supporting users worldwide.

MuleSource software is backed by the expertise, support and services of individuals who specialize in solving complex problems with open source solutions.