Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Datapower - SOA Appliances from IBM In 1999 DataPower formulated a vision for the next generation of intelligent network equipment to secure, rationalize, accelerate and integrate applications. This vision of XML-aware networks (XANs) is a key part of the transition from packet-oriented networks to application-oriented networks, where smart network equipment provides not just connectivity but message-level security, routing, integration and acceleration. DataPower's strategy was built on two beliefs: first, that XML would become the dominant protocol for connecting disparate systems, and second, that only true network devices, rather than heterogeneous software, would be able to support the security, performance and simplicity required for wide adoption.

To meet the unique security and performance requirements of powering this new class of network equipment, DataPower developed the unique patented XG3 XML processing technology. XG3 technology was designed from the ground up to protect against XML security vulnerabilities and to deliver wirespeed performance without sacrificing security or flexibility.

More than five years later, DataPower is not only the original creator of XML-aware networking, but also the most widely deployed provider of XML-aware network devices. DataPower customers worldwide have XML-aware networks that secure, accelerate and enable application processing at price and performance levels not possible with software. DataPower's XML-aware network devices have securely processed billions of dollars in XML transactions.

Unlike traditional network equipment that operates on packets or URLs, XML-aware networking operates on entire messages, including all of the content and its semantics. DataPower's award-winning product line includes three focused enterprise products: XA35 XML Accelerator for up to 100-fold XML performance improvement, XS40 XML Security Gateway, for instantly securing Web services, and XI50 Integration Appliance, for enabling high speed connectivity among legacy, binary and XML systems. DataPower also offers several OEM solutions, including XG4 XML Chip Subsystem, the world's fastest XML engine and the first to break the Gigabit Barrier for XML processing.

But XML-aware networking is more than just moving processing and security functions into purpose-built network devices. XANs create a uniform application-oriented network infrastructure that multiple applications can harness for common processing and security needs as illustrated in the figure below.

Leveraging the detailed knowledge and customer experience gained from developing software-based accelerators, Kuznetsov's team designed a system for processing XML securely in purpose-built hardware. In 2001, DataPower's effort produced XML Generation Three (XG3), the industry's fastest technology for secure XML processing, bar none. Today, the patented XG3 XML technology powers the industry's first wirespeed XML network devices, enabling secure, high-speed applications and XML Web Services.

DataPower's M.I.T. heritage and world-class engineering talent is complemented by a management team that brings decades of experience in the networking and software industries, drawing veteran leaders from Argon, Chrysalis, Cisco, Microsoft, Nortel, Sun, Sycamore and Wellfleet.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Prosight - Enterprise Investment Management (Portfolio Management) Business and government leaders are challenged to produce the most value possible for money spent. There are fundamental business questions they need to be able to answer, such as:

* What real value does each investment bring to the organization?
* Is this the best possible mix of investments?
* Do we have the necessary processes and infrastructure in place to ensure we make the right investment choices?
* How do we track the business performance of each investment?

ProSight offers world-class Enterprise Investment Management solutions for government and business. These solutions drive the planning and control for all types of business or technology investments, deploying objective, auditable processes and metrics, while facilitating collaboration among all stakeholders. ProSight’s customers get rapid results, including rationalization of current spending, optimization of support for the business, and active governance to obtain the highest possible return on investment.

"We spent about 4 hours using ProSight live with an executive governance board to prioritize a list of 35 or so IT investments. It was our first real test of the system with an executive body. We do this type of thing every year using Excel, and it has been grueling in the past. All of the executives on the committee dread this meeting since it usually goes on for days (if not a week) and no one feels satisfied with the result. However, using ProSight, we cut the executive time down to 4 hours. Everyone left satisfied that they got to a solution that everyone could live with, and the tool was the major reason. In fact, they applauded at the end of the meeting that we were able to do this in only 4 hours. I was truly amazed at how easily things went! --- U.S. Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service"

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, ProSight has led the industry in applying the principles of portfolio management to business and technology investments. Our patented portfolio management software scales to the enterprise, and is in its sixth generation. We also provide professional services with deep experience and knowledge of best practices to ensure customer success.

Today, ProSight is a fast-growing technology leader, with substantial customer bases in both government and private industry. We have received dozens of awards in recognition of our success and contribution.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Virsa - Real Time Compliance Acquired by SAP, Virsa ComplianceOne software simplifies compliance and reduces cost by providing the first and only fully integrated platform for end-to-end compliance management, including documentation, testing, remediation, reporting and prevention.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

3Tera - Grid operating system for Web 2.0 and SaaS AppLogic is a grid/utility operating system for scalable web applications and services. It enables transactional and streaming applications to run on grids of commodity servers.

AppLogic is open and vendor-neutral. It uses advanced virtualization technologies to be completely compatible with existing operating systems, middleware and web applications. Billions of lines of tried and true infrastructure software, middleware and application code can be used with AppLogic unaltered.

With AppLogic you can package an entire N-tier application or service into a logical entity and manage it as a single system. To make this possible, AppLogic captures and operates on the logical structure of the application. This approach also makes it very easy to assemble, deploy, monitor, control and troubleshoot applications visually in a browser.

Each application includes everything needed to run on a grid of commodity servers. That's why applications running on AppLogic scale from a fraction of a server to hundreds of servers and can be replicated on demand, deployed over and over again on the same grid or in multiple locations without modifications.

AppLogic Online - Hosted Grids

Building a successful web application business means staying lean and nimble, but getting your application online has always required deploying and managing infrastructure. Of course, servers and networks don't add value to your business; your applications do, but the two have been inseparable. For that reason, 3tera offer's it's groundbreaking AppLogic grid computing system as an online subscription service - AppLogic Online.

AppLogic Online is a true utility computing service. You can start using the system without any upfront hardware or software purchase and no long-term contract. Order a minimum of resources, add or remove resources at any time, and pay only for the resources you use.

The secret behind the AppLogic Online service is the disposable infrastructure technology in 3tera's AppLogic grid operating system. Disposable infrastructure allows n-tier web applications to be deployed on a grid of commodity servers. When an application starts, the infrastructure it needs is created on the grid dynamically, maintained while needed and disposed of when the application exits. Disposable infrastructure allows applications to become complete packages, ready to run on any AppLogic grid.

You'll need nothing more than a browser to get started building, deploying and managing your applications with AppLogic Online. Using our visual editor you can define the disposable infrastructure your application needs, save the application, and start it. The system takes care of creating the infrastructure for your application. You can monitor your application and even build a custom dashboard to simplify debugging and management.

When your business grows, you'll need to scale your service. With AppLogic Online, your application isn't tied to physical hardware, so it's easy to simply order additional resources. Our customers have scaled applications 10X to 20X without any code modifications.

AppLogic Online will change the way you do business. For the first time, you can build, deploy, operate and scale n-tier web applications while owning and operating NO infrastructure.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Log Logic - Enterprise Class Log Management and Intelligence Imagine trying to find things on the Web without Google or Yahoo. This is what IT staff face every day in trying to find, alert and report on mission critical IT data buried in literally terabytes of logs from applications and systems. As Enterprises and Governments have moved to address new compliance requirements and mitigate risk, this challenge has only worsened. LogLogic answers this challenge.

Founded in 1999 and based in San Jose, CA, LogLogic is an innovator and market leader in Log Data Management and Intelligence (LMI). We strive to lead in the creation, development and delivery of the industry’s leading LMI platforms. Our award winning appliances enable log data from firewalls, routers, servers, applications (both commercial and homegrown), operating systems and devices to be automatically collected, stored, reported and alerted on in near real-time for compliance and risk mitigation. Our solution installs in 10 minutes and begins collecting and aggregating data from connected devices immediately. You can easily search for data and get results in 10 seconds or less. Compliance-capable reporting capabilities and unmatched levels of log intelligence give you greater flexibility, simplifying, speeding and reducing the cost of tasks.

10 Minutes to Install; 10 Seconds to Results

LogLogic relieves network operators and IT managers of the burden, cost, complexity and risk of managing homegrown scripts and security solutions that are ineffective, inefficient and gather limited log data.

Delivered as an easy-to-install appliance, LogLogic 3 allows you to collect and aggregate raw log data from any connected data source, analyze that data in real time, set alerts to warn of suspicious behavior and safely store all data for on-demand retrieval.

Log data becomes immediately accessible for real-time or historical trend analysis so you can pinpoint and isolate risks in minutes. LogLogic’s solution reliably aggregates high volumes of log data and offers fast search and drill-down capabilities essential for compliance and threat mitigation, while automating log data archival and providing secure log data retention.

And now, with breakthrough Log Routing technology, LogLogic increases the value of existing management and security systems by delivering to them critical and all-inclusive log data in real time.

“Logging and auditing are a key component to an effective data-protection strategy,” according to Nermetes Research. “Automation tools, such as the logging and auditing tool from LogLogic, are beginning to make the task easier.”

Appliance-based and Easy to Install

LogLogic’s LMI solution consists of the LX and ST appliances. Both products deliver flexible log data routing and multiplexing and are syslog compatible. Data is encrypted and sent via TCP transport over the WAN to ensure data integrity. The LX and ST appliances can retrieve log files from homegrown applications using SCP, FTP or HTTP. Additionally, they automatically discover new log sources to further reduce costs and improve scalability. Because they are dedicated, plug-and-play appliances, deployment is fast and simple, with no training required.

LogLogic works closely with technology partners including Sun, IBM, EMC and ONstor; managed service providers (MSPs) such as Vanco and Counterpane; and a global network of channel partners to deliver innovative log management solutions and exceptional value to customers worldwide.
LogLogic Fast Facts

* 100+ employees in the U.S. and Europe
* 200+ Global customers including Fortune 10 banks, and Fortune 500 retailers, life sciences, oil & gas and healthcare enterprises

Incipient - Storage Virtualization (Also see Incipient, Inc. (Incipient) was founded on the vision of providing a scalable, network resident software platform that offers storage services to reduce cost and simplify operational complexity in enterprise storage environments. Its software technology leverages next generation intelligent Fibre Channel (FC) switch technology as the platform where it delivers a common set of storage services. These services are delivered throughout an enterprise SAN environment, independent of host systems and storage arrays. Incipient's product, the Incipient Network Storage Platform (Incipient NSP) is a software platform with layered add-on applications, each providing a separate storage solution such as Network Data Mobility, Network Volume Management and Network Copy Services. Incipient NSP supports heterogeneous storage infrastructures and is targeted for mid-sized to large enterprise storage environments.

Incipient NSP software resides in the network, embedded in intelligent FC switches. Its management console is located on a separate host system. Incipient NSP either supports or will support intelligent FC switches manufactured by industry leading companies such as Cisco, Brocade, McDATA and others.

Incipient NSP is a key software platform enabling Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) strategies and heterogeneous Tiered Storage environments.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Egenera - Simplifying the Data Center - BladeFrame Processor Area Networks Utility computing delivers strong business value. A fast growing company, Egenera delivers enterprise-computing solutions that simplify datacenter infrastructure—enabling a highly responsive business, reducing long-term capital and operational costs, and increasing efficiency. With its BladeFrame system of integrated hardware and software, Egenera has set a new standard for simplicity and IT agility in the enterprise datacenter.

Fujitsu-Seimens call it a Processor Area Network (PAN), using an analogy from Storage Area Networks. A PAN fabric sits in front of an array of stateless (no disks) blades. This means that Data Center configurations can be software files, and setting up a new Data Center config takes minutes, not months. The PAN fabric is soft-wired.

Years of innovation have left a legacy of piece parts and inefficiency in datacenters. System vendors have compounded this complexity by adding layers of hardware and software that require armies of smart people to manage and scores of services to configure and run. Egenera was born out of one customer's realization that unlocking the power of the datacenter would require a new approach. Company founder Vern Brownell, former CTO of Goldman Sachs & Co., engineered an elegant system that simplifies datacenter infrastructure.

The Egenera BladeFrame system introduces a new server architecture specifically designed to reduce complexity and improve business responsiveness. The BladeFrame's advanced virtualization technology and PAN Manager software dynamically allocate and repurpose servers to applications as needed without manual intervention. Nearly 100 market-leading businesses around the world trust Egenera to run their most important applications, improve resource utilization, speed application time-to-market, and lower total cost of ownership.