Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Log Logic - Enterprise Class Log Management and Intelligence Imagine trying to find things on the Web without Google or Yahoo. This is what IT staff face every day in trying to find, alert and report on mission critical IT data buried in literally terabytes of logs from applications and systems. As Enterprises and Governments have moved to address new compliance requirements and mitigate risk, this challenge has only worsened. LogLogic answers this challenge.

Founded in 1999 and based in San Jose, CA, LogLogic is an innovator and market leader in Log Data Management and Intelligence (LMI). We strive to lead in the creation, development and delivery of the industry’s leading LMI platforms. Our award winning appliances enable log data from firewalls, routers, servers, applications (both commercial and homegrown), operating systems and devices to be automatically collected, stored, reported and alerted on in near real-time for compliance and risk mitigation. Our solution installs in 10 minutes and begins collecting and aggregating data from connected devices immediately. You can easily search for data and get results in 10 seconds or less. Compliance-capable reporting capabilities and unmatched levels of log intelligence give you greater flexibility, simplifying, speeding and reducing the cost of tasks.

10 Minutes to Install; 10 Seconds to Results

LogLogic relieves network operators and IT managers of the burden, cost, complexity and risk of managing homegrown scripts and security solutions that are ineffective, inefficient and gather limited log data.

Delivered as an easy-to-install appliance, LogLogic 3 allows you to collect and aggregate raw log data from any connected data source, analyze that data in real time, set alerts to warn of suspicious behavior and safely store all data for on-demand retrieval.

Log data becomes immediately accessible for real-time or historical trend analysis so you can pinpoint and isolate risks in minutes. LogLogic’s solution reliably aggregates high volumes of log data and offers fast search and drill-down capabilities essential for compliance and threat mitigation, while automating log data archival and providing secure log data retention.

And now, with breakthrough Log Routing technology, LogLogic increases the value of existing management and security systems by delivering to them critical and all-inclusive log data in real time.

“Logging and auditing are a key component to an effective data-protection strategy,” according to Nermetes Research. “Automation tools, such as the logging and auditing tool from LogLogic, are beginning to make the task easier.”

Appliance-based and Easy to Install

LogLogic’s LMI solution consists of the LX and ST appliances. Both products deliver flexible log data routing and multiplexing and are syslog compatible. Data is encrypted and sent via TCP transport over the WAN to ensure data integrity. The LX and ST appliances can retrieve log files from homegrown applications using SCP, FTP or HTTP. Additionally, they automatically discover new log sources to further reduce costs and improve scalability. Because they are dedicated, plug-and-play appliances, deployment is fast and simple, with no training required.

LogLogic works closely with technology partners including Sun, IBM, EMC and ONstor; managed service providers (MSPs) such as Vanco and Counterpane; and a global network of channel partners to deliver innovative log management solutions and exceptional value to customers worldwide.
LogLogic Fast Facts

* 100+ employees in the U.S. and Europe
* 200+ Global customers including Fortune 10 banks, and Fortune 500 retailers, life sciences, oil & gas and healthcare enterprises