Friday, May 05, 2006

Egenera - Simplifying the Data Center - BladeFrame Processor Area Networks Utility computing delivers strong business value. A fast growing company, Egenera delivers enterprise-computing solutions that simplify datacenter infrastructure—enabling a highly responsive business, reducing long-term capital and operational costs, and increasing efficiency. With its BladeFrame system of integrated hardware and software, Egenera has set a new standard for simplicity and IT agility in the enterprise datacenter.

Fujitsu-Seimens call it a Processor Area Network (PAN), using an analogy from Storage Area Networks. A PAN fabric sits in front of an array of stateless (no disks) blades. This means that Data Center configurations can be software files, and setting up a new Data Center config takes minutes, not months. The PAN fabric is soft-wired.

Years of innovation have left a legacy of piece parts and inefficiency in datacenters. System vendors have compounded this complexity by adding layers of hardware and software that require armies of smart people to manage and scores of services to configure and run. Egenera was born out of one customer's realization that unlocking the power of the datacenter would require a new approach. Company founder Vern Brownell, former CTO of Goldman Sachs & Co., engineered an elegant system that simplifies datacenter infrastructure.

The Egenera BladeFrame system introduces a new server architecture specifically designed to reduce complexity and improve business responsiveness. The BladeFrame's advanced virtualization technology and PAN Manager software dynamically allocate and repurpose servers to applications as needed without manual intervention. Nearly 100 market-leading businesses around the world trust Egenera to run their most important applications, improve resource utilization, speed application time-to-market, and lower total cost of ownership.