Tuesday, May 16, 2006

3Tera - Grid operating system for Web 2.0 and SaaS

www.3tera.com AppLogic is a grid/utility operating system for scalable web applications and services. It enables transactional and streaming applications to run on grids of commodity servers.

AppLogic is open and vendor-neutral. It uses advanced virtualization technologies to be completely compatible with existing operating systems, middleware and web applications. Billions of lines of tried and true infrastructure software, middleware and application code can be used with AppLogic unaltered.

With AppLogic you can package an entire N-tier application or service into a logical entity and manage it as a single system. To make this possible, AppLogic captures and operates on the logical structure of the application. This approach also makes it very easy to assemble, deploy, monitor, control and troubleshoot applications visually in a browser.

Each application includes everything needed to run on a grid of commodity servers. That's why applications running on AppLogic scale from a fraction of a server to hundreds of servers and can be replicated on demand, deployed over and over again on the same grid or in multiple locations without modifications.

AppLogic Online - Hosted Grids

Building a successful web application business means staying lean and nimble, but getting your application online has always required deploying and managing infrastructure. Of course, servers and networks don't add value to your business; your applications do, but the two have been inseparable. For that reason, 3tera offer's it's groundbreaking AppLogic grid computing system as an online subscription service - AppLogic Online.

AppLogic Online is a true utility computing service. You can start using the system without any upfront hardware or software purchase and no long-term contract. Order a minimum of resources, add or remove resources at any time, and pay only for the resources you use.

The secret behind the AppLogic Online service is the disposable infrastructure technology in 3tera's AppLogic grid operating system. Disposable infrastructure allows n-tier web applications to be deployed on a grid of commodity servers. When an application starts, the infrastructure it needs is created on the grid dynamically, maintained while needed and disposed of when the application exits. Disposable infrastructure allows applications to become complete packages, ready to run on any AppLogic grid.

You'll need nothing more than a browser to get started building, deploying and managing your applications with AppLogic Online. Using our visual editor you can define the disposable infrastructure your application needs, save the application, and start it. The system takes care of creating the infrastructure for your application. You can monitor your application and even build a custom dashboard to simplify debugging and management.

When your business grows, you'll need to scale your service. With AppLogic Online, your application isn't tied to physical hardware, so it's easy to simply order additional resources. Our customers have scaled applications 10X to 20X without any code modifications.

AppLogic Online will change the way you do business. For the first time, you can build, deploy, operate and scale n-tier web applications while owning and operating NO infrastructure.