Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Datapower - SOA Appliances from IBM In 1999 DataPower formulated a vision for the next generation of intelligent network equipment to secure, rationalize, accelerate and integrate applications. This vision of XML-aware networks (XANs) is a key part of the transition from packet-oriented networks to application-oriented networks, where smart network equipment provides not just connectivity but message-level security, routing, integration and acceleration. DataPower's strategy was built on two beliefs: first, that XML would become the dominant protocol for connecting disparate systems, and second, that only true network devices, rather than heterogeneous software, would be able to support the security, performance and simplicity required for wide adoption.

To meet the unique security and performance requirements of powering this new class of network equipment, DataPower developed the unique patented XG3 XML processing technology. XG3 technology was designed from the ground up to protect against XML security vulnerabilities and to deliver wirespeed performance without sacrificing security or flexibility.

More than five years later, DataPower is not only the original creator of XML-aware networking, but also the most widely deployed provider of XML-aware network devices. DataPower customers worldwide have XML-aware networks that secure, accelerate and enable application processing at price and performance levels not possible with software. DataPower's XML-aware network devices have securely processed billions of dollars in XML transactions.

Unlike traditional network equipment that operates on packets or URLs, XML-aware networking operates on entire messages, including all of the content and its semantics. DataPower's award-winning product line includes three focused enterprise products: XA35 XML Accelerator for up to 100-fold XML performance improvement, XS40 XML Security Gateway, for instantly securing Web services, and XI50 Integration Appliance, for enabling high speed connectivity among legacy, binary and XML systems. DataPower also offers several OEM solutions, including XG4 XML Chip Subsystem, the world's fastest XML engine and the first to break the Gigabit Barrier for XML processing.

But XML-aware networking is more than just moving processing and security functions into purpose-built network devices. XANs create a uniform application-oriented network infrastructure that multiple applications can harness for common processing and security needs as illustrated in the figure below.

Leveraging the detailed knowledge and customer experience gained from developing software-based accelerators, Kuznetsov's team designed a system for processing XML securely in purpose-built hardware. In 2001, DataPower's effort produced XML Generation Three (XG3), the industry's fastest technology for secure XML processing, bar none. Today, the patented XG3 XML technology powers the industry's first wirespeed XML network devices, enabling secure, high-speed applications and XML Web Services.

DataPower's M.I.T. heritage and world-class engineering talent is complemented by a management team that brings decades of experience in the networking and software industries, drawing veteran leaders from Argon, Chrysalis, Cisco, Microsoft, Nortel, Sun, Sycamore and Wellfleet.