Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Intervoice - Global Voice Solutions People everywhere easily accessing information and services via any channel or device they prefer, and through the most natural interface in the world - their voices.

Intervoice is a global leader shaping the future of converged communications at every touch point. We deliver measurable results to our customers and optimize their customers' experience through personalized, consistent, and integrated voice and data solutions. These solutions are adaptable and effective in meeting user desires and market demands... everywhere, every time.

Intervoice Solutions Framework is designed to deliver multimedia technology solutions to networks and enterprises, for both mobile and fixed computing and telephony devices.

Developed and running on industry-standard hardware, Intervoice Solutions Framework integrates media-enhanced speech and multi-modal networked applications with technology that leverages all current leading industry standards – including VoiceXML, SALT, ccXML, VoIP, and SS7.