Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lattix - DSM for Software Architecture The founders of Lattix are experts in software engineering and have decades of experience developing software, managing software organizations and promoting new technologies in the constantly evolving knowledge based economy.

The founders pioneered the use of (synchronized) UML models for Java and for model driven development of components. While researching techniques for partitioning software for large systems, the company came across DSM, a powerful technique used by systems engineers at MIT to model complex processes at companies such as Intel, Boeing and General Motors. He realized that DSM could provide unique capabilities for visualizing and understanding complexity in software. Lattix was founded to extend DSM for software architecture management. The Lattix approach is based on our deep understanding that current approaches for managing the architecture are inadequate, being either too detailed or too imprecise. We have developed a significant advance with the Lattix Solutions, which for the first time enables software architecture to be specified in clear common sense terms.