Thursday, March 29, 2007

Acopia Networks - Virtualized Files Acopia is focused on delivering value to customers by simplifying file management. "We believe that an intelligent network is the key to balancing the benefits of centralized control with the need for distributed access. Acopia's solutions allow customers to break free from the constraints that currently exist in accessing and managing file data. By automating manual file management tasks, Acopia eliminates the disruptions and downtime associated with these tasks today. Our customers benefit from freedom of choice - freedom to use whatever storage technology they choose, freedom to access data in the most appropriate manner, freedom to move data whenever they wish."

Acopia's patented technology has been developed by a talented engineering team with extensive experience defining, designing, and introducing breakthrough products. Its technical mission was created by founder, industry visionary and serial entrepreneur, Cheng Wu. Prior to founding Acopia Networks, Cheng Wu founded Arrowpoint Communications, which was sold to Cisco Systems for $5.7 Billion in 2000. In 2002, Mr Wu was named to Interactive Week Magazines "Top 25 Unsung Heroes of the Internet." Today, Wu guides Acopia's technology vision, and is the Chairman of Acopia's Board of Directors.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Skinkers - Communications you can't miss The original Skinkers communication platform was first released in 2002. Over the last 4 years significant enhancements have been made and a number of releases issued. As the technology has been deployed we found a common need emerging: the ability to deliver ShouldKnow information through an “unmissable” communication channel, directly to the screens of the user.

Skinkers is a privately funded technology company headquartered in London with offices in Milan, New York and Sydney. Our founders have been involved with the web since 1993 when email and online communication were in their infancy. The management team includes a mixture of serial entrepreneurs and seasoned enterprise software professionals. We believe this mix of talent and experience ensures we can not only think creatively and build innovative technology, but also have the business maturity needed to deliver enterprise software to the world’s largest corporations. Since we founded in 2001 our expansion has been rapid. Many of the world’s leading brands use Skinkers technology.

Skinkers universal push platform is the world’s first multi channel message and content delivery technology. Our Live Notification Platform delivers information directly to the screen of the most appropriate digital device, e.g. a computer desktop or BlackBerry. We enable organisations to deliver priority notifications and distribute heavy content through a controlled, highly versatile and secure universal communication platform.

Employees, customers and business partners receive the information they ShouldKnow, at the right time, through the right channel, to the right device.

In June 2006 Skinkers agreed an ‘Equity for Technology’ deal with Microsoft. As joint development partners we are co-developing technology to enhance our current products and create new solutions for real-time event notification and high bandwidth content delivery. Microsoft plans to incorporate part of the final technology into its product line.

D-Wave Systems - The Quantum Computing Company "D-Wave Systems is the world's first and only source of quantum computing for commercial application. We believe quantum technology in concert with classical, digital processors, can and will represent broad and significant advancements in the application of computer science."

In February 2007, D-Wave unveiled and demonstrated this technology publicly for the first time. The company plans to deliver field-deployable systems in 2008.

Building a commercial-scale quantum computer processor was — and is — a daunting task. D-Wave’s strategy was to enter into collaborative partnerships with world-renowned researchers having access to significant capital infrastructure, while retaining all intellectual property developed. Each institution in this network was responsible for delivering some critical part of a future commercial processor. Partners included theoretical physicists, chemists, electrical engineers, cryogenics experts, applied physicists, mathematicians, and computer scientists. These partnerships were managed and led by D-Wave. All results were systematically reviewed, catalogued, and placed in the context of state-of-the-art developments both internal and external to the company's effort.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Asentinel - Automated Telecom Expense Management Like most corporations, telecom is probably one of your largest operating expenses. And like most, you also may suspect a lot of money is being wasted. The problem is that it's difficult to determine just how much money - or why - because that information is buried in never-ending stacks of invoices, spreadsheets, and CD's. Sound familiar?

Asentinel can help.

Bank reports savings of $411,000, recurring annual savings of $280,000+

Our enterprise telecom expense management (TEM) software solution transforms that paper trail into electronic data, producing actionable reports that can help you solve one of the most challenging business issues facing major corporations today... the need for enterprise automation and expense management.