Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ethics Point - Integrity at Work EthicsPoint is a rapidly growing provider of solutions for the governance, risk, and compliance marketplace. Organizations of all sizes and complexity are turning to EthicsPoint for a unique suite of flexible, integrated services that provide tools needed to address demands for enhanced governance.

By using process improvement methodologies and developing creative applications of Web and database technologies, EthicsPoint is leading a revolution in the way companies manage ethics and compliance program practices in the corporate, higher education and nonprofit sectors. By allowing our clients to combine comprehensive whistleblower hotline reporting, incident management tools, and an interface for detailed data analysis, EthicsPoint is delivering best practice solutions that help organizations reduce risk and foster a healthy workplace environment.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lattix - DSM for Software Architecture The founders of Lattix are experts in software engineering and have decades of experience developing software, managing software organizations and promoting new technologies in the constantly evolving knowledge based economy.

The founders pioneered the use of (synchronized) UML models for Java and for model driven development of components. While researching techniques for partitioning software for large systems, the company came across DSM, a powerful technique used by systems engineers at MIT to model complex processes at companies such as Intel, Boeing and General Motors. He realized that DSM could provide unique capabilities for visualizing and understanding complexity in software. Lattix was founded to extend DSM for software architecture management. The Lattix approach is based on our deep understanding that current approaches for managing the architecture are inadequate, being either too detailed or too imprecise. We have developed a significant advance with the Lattix Solutions, which for the first time enables software architecture to be specified in clear common sense terms.

KlocWork - Software Code Analysis Companies from a multitude of industries have seen the value, and experienced the benefits of Klocwork's automated solutions. Klocwork started within Nortel Networks, and was originally designed to process millions of lines of source code in hardware devices for defects. Be they large or small, our customers share one common characteristic: they have extremely high standards for the software they produce, and have a very low tolerance for errors. Focus areas for this technology include:

* defect detection and prevention
* software security and audit
* static analysis
* refactoring
* offshoring and collaborative development

Intervoice - Global Voice Solutions People everywhere easily accessing information and services via any channel or device they prefer, and through the most natural interface in the world - their voices.

Intervoice is a global leader shaping the future of converged communications at every touch point. We deliver measurable results to our customers and optimize their customers' experience through personalized, consistent, and integrated voice and data solutions. These solutions are adaptable and effective in meeting user desires and market demands... everywhere, every time.

Intervoice Solutions Framework is designed to deliver multimedia technology solutions to networks and enterprises, for both mobile and fixed computing and telephony devices.

Developed and running on industry-standard hardware, Intervoice Solutions Framework integrates media-enhanced speech and multi-modal networked applications with technology that leverages all current leading industry standards – including VoiceXML, SALT, ccXML, VoIP, and SS7.