Friday, February 09, 2007

db4Objects - Open Source Object database db4objects sponsors the development, commercially licenses and supports db4o, the open source object database.

Driven by the world's largest community of its kind, with 20,000 registered Java and .NET developers and counting, db4o offers the ultimate persistence solution to store objects of any complexity natively, with only one line of code. Development managers at the most innovative companies such as Boeing, Bosch, Intel, Ricoh and Seagate rely on db4o to increase developer productivity and bring differentiated products to market faster than their competition.

The full version of db4o is available under two licenses: the open source, GPL license, which enables easy download, evaluation, and use in GPL compliant projects; and an affordable commercial runtime license with support and indemnification from db4objects for product development companies that wish to embed db4o into their commercial, non-GPL products.

It is db4objects' mission to give developers a choice when it comes to object persistence and thus make their life a lot easier. To make db4o broadly available for free or at affordable prices, db4objects leverages the benefits of a world connected through the Internet to create a culture that is agile and collaborative, open and global -- unlike few other software companies.