Friday, February 09, 2007

Laszlo Systems - Webtop - transforming the Web experience Laszlo Systems was founded to advance today’s online experience by enabling developers and designers to build better, more rich and robust web applications. In 2002, the company released a proprietary server software technology called ‘Laszlo Presentation Server’ (LPS). The first rich Internet application (RIA) platform available at that time, it retains its status as an industry pioneer today.

Going Open Source

Following market trends and customer demand, Laszlo Systems took LPS open source under the business-friendly Common Public License (CPL) in 2004, renaming its flagship product OpenLaszlo. The platform remains committed to combining the usability of desktop software with the administrative advantages of server-based deployment – complete with a quick and easy learning curve for developers. The end result is a quicker, richer, smarter, and more fluid Internet.
Current Company Offerings

As a provider of open source technology Laszlo is dedicated to its community, and offers a number of support, training, and consulting services in order to make learning, developing, and deploying OpenLaszlo applications as simple as possible. In addition to helping others build on OpenLaszlo, Laszlo licenses its own sophisticated OpenLaszlo-based commercial applications, such as Laszlo Mail.
OpenLaszlo Adoption

The success of the company today is evidenced in the OpenLaszlo-based services and applications that are touching millions of consumers through companies such as IBM,, Barclays Global, Sears, AllState, Pandora, among many others. OpenLaszlo also boasts one of the largest and most active open source developer communities with contributors spanning the globe. Lastly, adoption of the platform can be witnessed across a wide range of industries, including consumer, enterprise, education, financial, healthcare and government.

Starting at its early beginnings with the launch of LPS, Laszlo continues be an industry pioneer in the Web 2.0 and Ajax communities, and is well positioned at the forefront of the current market’s evolution.

Laszlo Systems is privately held and headquartered in San Mateo, California.