Monday, December 10, 2007

LiveOps - Leverage the Public as Call Center Agents LiveOps has provided leading companies with high-quality call center technology and services since 2000. We’ve successfully delivered thousands of call center programs to a wide variety of clients. And with more than 16,000 remotely-located independent contractor agents, we’ve moved aggressively into other industries, including food service, as well as retail and financial services.

Quite simply, LiveOps has changed the way people work together:

* By pioneering the distributed call center model, agents can be informed, scheduled, measured and motivated —no matter where they are located.
* Our technology has provided greater efficiency, flexibility and productivity to hundreds of our customers who have redefined the composition of their workforce.
* LiveOps customers pay only for the resources that they actually need.

By using a distributed call center—either as an alternative or complement to traditional centralized call centers — LiveOps technology provides tighter control, clearer visibility and greater performance than any alternative solution:

* Call center infrastructure capacity available on demand.
* Unique call routing and agent scoring system maximizes the utilization of your best agents.
* Workforce management optimizes capacity plans and distributed scheduling.
* Robust agent management applications.
* Analytics tools provide immediate visibility over every aspect of your contact center operations – no matter where resources are located.
* IVR/ASR offers constant flexibility in the use of automation or inbound or outbound Live Agents.