Wednesday, October 17, 2007

appStream - Stream Apps Now AppStream is a leading provider of technology for on-demand software distribution and software license management tools for the extended enterprise.

AppStream's on-demand application distribution and license management platform provides an optimal solution to serve the application management needs of enterprise environments, providing high productivity with controlled, guaranteed access to necessary applications from any Windows applications from any location at any time, including remote and mobile users.

* At Launch

Upon initial launch, AppStream streams only the application "startup block", enabling the user to launch the application and begin to work with it in seconds — much more quickly than solutions that require the entire application to be transferred and installed before it can be accessed.

* During Use

While the application is in use, AppStream's on-demand application streaming technology responds instantly to an end user's actual needs, transparently sending down additional application functions when the end user clicks on them. All streamed application functions persist across sessions. Because typical end users access only a fraction of an application's functions in normal use, bandwidth consumption is minimized — in most cases, AppStream's on-demand application streaming technology needs to stream less than ten percent of the application to support the end user's needs.

* Updating

Each time an end user launches an application, AppStream compares the local application with its server-side counterpart, seeking inconsistencies. Any discovered application updates are streamed to the user while the application is still in use — a targeted update process that focuses only on the parts of the application the end user actually needs. This process can be extended to periodically check for damaged blocks of code and automatically repair the application.

* Predictive Streaming

AppStream's application streaming technology uses sophisticated predictive algorithms to make the on-demand software distribution process as efficient as possible. As an end user works with an application, the AppStream client requests additional application functionality from the AppStream server. The AppStream server captures these client request statistics, and feeds those statistics into a predictive algorithm. Over time, usage patterns are detected, and the server uses these patterns to perform predictive streaming — typically manifested by the streaming of application functions before they are requested based on the prediction that they are likely to be needed soon — thereby increasing end user satisfaction and eliminating wait time.