Thursday, January 05, 2006

Black Duck Software - Lifecycle IP Policy Management As the leader in software compliance management, Black Duck understands the business and legal implications of intellectual property issues and technology licensing requirements facing software developers today in the US and internationally. We appreciate the strategic value leading industry partnerships provide in delivering comprehensive and flexible solutions to assess exposure and address risks.

Black Duck offers the protexIP suite of software compliance management solutions to help companies govern how their software assets are created, managed, and licensed. Black Duck's offerings enable companies that develop software using third party and open source components to catch and resolve intellectual property issues as they occur in development, instead of in the marketplace.

The protexIP system creates a new work environment that helps organizations effectively manage their increasingly complex software licensing obligations. By validating software contents, verifying license compliance, and finding and addressing issues early in the development cycle - or well in advance of a due diligence event. The protexIP platform helps companies reduce business risks, complete software projects on time and on budget, and stay on track with their business plans.