Thursday, January 05, 2006

LogicLibrary - Know what you have - Move ahead Logic Library is the leading provider of software and services that help organizations manage their software development assets. The company serves Global 2000 enterprises that value application development – in-house or outsourced – as a competitive advantage, but also to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Companies benefit from using LogicLibrary’s Logidex if they want to:

* Secure, manage and govern their service-oriented architectures (SOAs)
* Make software reuse a reality
* Fulfill the potential of enterprise architectures
* Consolidate, migrate and/or integrate their enterprise applications

Service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and Web services have become mainstream in the past year due to their ability to provide business agility and flexibility through integration, productivity and software reuse. Everyone agrees that reuse of software development assets (SDAs) is a “good thing” and that service-oriented architectures (SOAs) require organizations to institutionalize services as reusable assets. Nonetheless, there is considerable debate within IT organizations as to how to “get from here to there.” Moving from the current state of IT project development, with its emphasis on immediate, time-driven project objectives, to “SOA nirvana,” with flexible, loosely-coupled services that are produced from requirements driven by core business processes, is not an easy task. With Logidex, however, enterprises can move towards this goal incrementally by securing and managing development processes for SDA production, distribution and consumption.

What is Logidex?
LogicLibrary Logidex is a software development asset (SDA) mapping and discovery engine that represents inherently complex, enterprise application environments in a graphical, intuitive way. Software development assets can include: executables (e.g., components, services, frameworks) and their associated software development lifecycle artifacts (e.g., requirements documentation, UML models, test plans), as well as knowledge assets, such as best practices and design patterns. The Logidex SDA Library is an inventory of SDAs and their relationships to each other, the company’s business processes and the technical infrastructure. A consumable library of SDAs, coupled with strong process control, is the basis for enabling and managing enterprise SOA initiatives.