Thursday, January 05, 2006

Black Pearl - Enterprise Decision Management Make every decision like its the only one that counts.

BlackPearl was founded with the vision of transforming the way companies make transactional decisions – the millions of decisions front-line employees make every day. BlackPearl believes that providing employees with the right information and advice at the point of the decision is key to optimizing companies’ response to day-to-day opportunities and risks, in turn leading to strengthened customer relationships, lower operating costs, and reduced business and regulatory compliance risk.

It sounds simple enough, but unfortunately reality often gets in the way. While investments in technologies such as Business Intelligence (BI) and CRM have put a wealth of data at employees’ disposal, there can simply be too much of it for any individual to sift through. And while BI tools are invaluable for performing analysis to support strategic decisions, companies lack the ability to optimize their day-to-day decisions. Consequently transactional business decisions are based on limited data, varying levels of expertise, and are often made too late to be effective. The result: lost revenue opportunities, increased costs due to manual analysis, and greater business risk from inconsistent decision making.

This is why BlackPearl pioneered an approach called Before-Time. BlackPearl’s Before-Time solutions automatically seek out opportunities and risks before they occur and provide notification and in-context advice in time to capitalize on them.

With several generations of technology already in the market, BlackPearl is currently powering leading enterprises in the financial services and insurance industries. These companies are using BlackPearl to proactively offer customers relevant financial advice, manage risks and business exceptions, maximize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and consistently apply policy to reduce regulatory compliance risk.