Thursday, January 05, 2006

Service Integrity - Real time BI for SOAs Enterprises like FedEx and Dell achieve repeated success by leveraging the real-time information that runs through their businesses – Information-in-Motion. Whether it’s pinpointing a parcel or reducing just-in-time inventory, by building their own proprietary systems they have harnessed the power of the Information-in-Motion flowing around and throughout their business systems.

SIFT: Instruments Business Reality
Today, there is a framework available to harness the power of Information-in-Motion so that you too can execute like a category leader.

The advent of service-oriented architectures (SOA) and Web services coupled with the unique ability of SIFT to see, understand, and act on your Information-in-Motion, enables you to continuously improve your business. With SIFT solutions, you can optimize operational performance, measure service usage, detect fraudulent behavior, protect intellectual property, track customers, ensure regulatory compliance, and manage sales and marketing conversions – all in real-time.

SIFT is "reality BI", and it's different: It is business intelligence designed for every user, every day. It has a flexible, light-touch architecture that can be rapidly deployed. It's patent-pending StreamSensor(TM) technology automatically analyzes everything, and uses alerts, dashboards and autonomic triggering to drive the success of your business.