Thursday, January 19, 2006

Contivo - Driving Automated Integration Today Contivo delivers semantic integration solutions enabling companies to take control of integration and Web services projects, including SOA:

* Save over 60% on initial data integration efforts
* Save over 70% of ongoing maintenance costs
* Reduce risk of project delays
* Platform and middleware independence

Nearly Half of IT Activities and Costs Relate to Integration

Application integration is a key element of the evolution of business applications and business processes within and across enterprises. Implementation of every new application or a business process requires integration with data sources across other applications and databases. The complexity of integration varies but it continues to be one of the largest expenditures for IT organizations globally.

Integration covers a range of activities, but every integration project must map and transform data. The single biggest cost in any integration project is the time and resources spent preparing and testing data transformations between source and target systems. It is a laborious process that is prone to errors, and is repeated every time any application or business process is introduced or updated.

Creating data transformations that really work is so hard because it's difficult to understand data and its semantics. This becomes more complex as each application has its own interpretation of the semantics.
The Contivo Advantage

Contivo addresses this problem with patented technologies for semantic data integration that enable automated discovery, mapping, modeling, code generation, and simulation of the data transformation, eliminating the heavy manual work from the data integration process.

The Contivo Vocabulary Management Solution (VMS) consists of a centralized semantic repository that captures, understands, and leverages the structure of application data and tools for designing, developing and deploying cross-platform transformation. Contivo VMS also includes code generators and system simulators that dramatically increase quality and speed deployment. Unlike other vendors, Contivo avoids platform lock-in and eases the transition to web services.

In a nutshell, that's Contivo - saving customers more than half their integration budget. Built by a team with extensive experience in integration and XML, with funding from BEA, Tibco, webMethods and leading Silicon Valley VC's, Contivo aims to continue helping global organizations to get a strong control on their integration projects.