Monday, January 09, 2006

Matisse Networks - Connectionless packet architecture Metro networks are today constructed using one of three optical technologies:

* Layer 2/3 Packet Switching over Dark Fiber
* Packet over SONET/SDH
* Packet over DWDM

All of these options are circuit-based technologies requiring the dedication of reserved bandwidth for every specific site-to-site connection - a costly and inefficient use of bandwidth.

Enter Matisse

Matisse’s unique Packet Lambda-Switching technology delivers a connectionless packet architecture where wavelengths are dynamically switched to different destinations. This fundamental rethinking of the architecture yields numerous benefits, including:
* Simplicity Collapses the hierarchy of circuit and switching technologies, and obsoletes the need for circuit provisioning
* Efficiency Unlike circuit networks, bandwidth is available when and where needed
* Reliability Superior fault tolerance is delivered with intelligent packet routing around network failures

Matisse's innovative Packet Lambda-Switching technology is a connectionless packet architecture that dynamically switches optical wavelengths to different destinations on a packet-by-packet basis.