Thursday, January 12, 2006

Opsware - Simplify IT - Automate Provision and configure 75 Linux servers from bare metal in 2 weeks. Improve network availability from 98% to 99.9%. Identify and patch 1800 Unix servers in 2 hours. Audit configurations on 6000 network devices in 90 minutes. Update ACLs for 300 network devices in 5 minutes. Respond to security certification audit in 98% less time. Reallocate 120 Unix servers in 3 hours. Validate security settings on 100 servers in 2 mins. Update ACLs for 300 network devices in 5 minutes. Deply emergency patch to 450 Windows serers in 90 minutes.

The Opsware Automation Suite is used by IT organizations to automate management of all aspects of their environment including servers, applications, network devices, and asset management.

Opsware provides the only automation software on the market to bring together management of business services, UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers, software, applications, network devices, and asset tracking.

Opsware customers have realized the benefits of automation such as time savings, standardization, and global visibility in a matter of weeks to months.

Opsware's comprehensive out-of-the-box capabilities automate the full lifecycle of managing servers, software, applications, and network devices.

Opsware's extensive integration capabilities enables integration with existing IT systems to significantly reduce downtime and improve TTR. Opsware Automation is deployed in over 250 IT organizations today.