Thursday, January 19, 2006

GoodMailSystems - Bringing Safety and Reliability to Email Goodmail provides a new class of e-mail that identifies good mail and helps to shield consumers from spam, fraud and phishing. Every message sent through the Goodmail CertifiedEmail service is embedded with a cryptographically-secure token. Goodmail tokens are detected by participating ISPs so the messages can be delivered to recipients' inboxes--not junk or bulk folders. The messages are identified with the CertifiedEmail symbol--a mark that indicates the message is from a trusted sender and can be opened with greater confidence. Goodmail's CertifiedEmail service improves the consumer email experience, addresses the needs of legitimate senders, and enables mailbox providers with a platform that uses state of the art security measures. This premium delivery service is available to qualified businesses that rely on email to reach their customers.

The CertifiedEmail service is easily and efficiently implemented in partnership with participating ISPs and mailbox providers. The service will be launched in the coming months with AOL and Yahoo!, leading global email service providers who process approximately 50% of the mail reaching the inboxes of U.S. consumers.