Monday, January 09, 2006

Tacit - Connect the Dots to make the Right Collaboration Happen Large, complex, and geographically dispersed organizations by their nature routinely experience internal disconnects, leading to redundant efforts, costly mistakes, re-work, project delays, and poor decisions. While the problem of disconnectedness is not always visible, its consequences are profound. For commercial organizations, routine disconnects can cost millions of dollars and thousands of hours on an annualized basis.

By providing a systematic way to precisely link the right people together within a specific business process, Tacit makes the right collaboration happen. Unlike existing collaboration tools that solely address the "how" part of collaboration, Tacit dynamically identifies the "who," "when," and "why" pieces of collaboration based on a real-time view of organizational activity. As a result, Tacit helps organizations achieve a new level of efficiency, productivity, and responsiveness.

Although the problem of disconnectedness is pervasive in large organizations, attacking this problem will require a focused effort that addresses one business process at a time. Tacit has identified several areas where costly disconnects often occur.