Thursday, January 19, 2006

InfoVisat - Service-Centric Performance Management To global providers and business users of IT, InfoVista is the Service-Centric Performance Management Software Company that assures the optimal delivery of business-critical IT services.

Driven by a uniquely adaptive and real-time technology foundation, InfoVista solutions:

* Reduce Operating Risk - Pre-empt business technology performance problems and mitigate business risks
* Improve Business Effectiveness - Maximize the availability of technology that supports key business functions
* Lower TCO - Identify opportunities for rightsizing, consolidation and operational efficiencies
* Enhance Business Value - Align Information Technology investments with business priorities and accelerate time to value
* Create Competitive Advantage - Differentiate business operations by maximizing strategic value of business technology

Eighty percent of the world’s largest service providers as ranked by Fortune, as well as leading Global 2000 enterprises, rely on InfoVista to enhance the business value of their technology assets.