Tuesday, January 03, 2006

StoredIQ - Information classification & management

www.storediq.com For Business: StoredIQ mitigates legal, financial, asset, security and audit risk by ensuring that enterprise information is managed according to Compliance, Acceptable Use and IP protection policies. For IT: StoredIQ lowers storage and administrative costs, and reduces risk through "content driven” automation of information security, storage optimization and retention policy.

Today’s business and government enterprises have billions of discreet files, individual e-mail messages and electronic records. StoredIQ assists in the discovery, protection, preservation and maintenance of this information by “reading” over 70% of an organization's information and: Identifying which information is valuable; Identifying which information represents business, legal and regulatory compliance risk; Protecting each class of information according to that institution's policy; Insuring that information is retained (and retrieved) according to policy.

StoredIQ provides information lifecycle management (ILM): A rapid, content-based definition of information categories or classes; The discovery and classification of information relevant to a business or security policy; The execution of security, retention and location policies on classified information; Creation of a comprehensive audit trail of the ILM classification and management process.