Thursday, January 05, 2006

metallect - Enterprise Application Visibility IT is at the core of modern business. And at the core of IT are the dozens or hundreds of applications that run the business.

In order to execute your company's business strategy, you must be able to quickly align your applications with changing business needs. But for most IT organizations, change has proven to be a major challenge. Due to enormous complexity and declining application knowledge, everything is harder and more expensive than it should be. Application enhancements and modifications are expensive and risky, and flexibility is limited. As a result, most companies spend over half of their IT budget – tens of millions of dollars each year – just maintaining existing apps. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Enterprise Application Visibility can help your company cut cost, reduce risk, and keep your apps aligned with business needs.

The Metallect IQ Server(TM) is the first complete solution for Enterprise Application Visibility. IQ Server delivers an unprecedented level of insight into the inner workings of applications — so you can slash maintenance costs, reduce risk, and boost application ROI. It provides for enhanced application maintenance, compliance and modernization.