Thursday, January 05, 2006

Optarus - Realize the benefits of open source Optaros is a consulting and systems integration firm that helps enterprises solve IT business problems by providing services and solutions that maximize the benefits of open source software.

Bringing together experts in creating enterprise IT solutions and experts in the power of open source, Optaros plans and builds business systems that give you better value today and increased control in the future.

Whether your organization is a novice to OSS or an expert user, Optaros offers a full range of services for leveraging open source software to meet your business solution needs.

* Executive Education and Advisory Services
Optaros offers CIO-level seminars about how to successfully adopt open source in your organization. These seminars explore the latest trends, benefits, challenges, and pitfalls in open source. Optaros can also provide advisory services to help you sort through the thousands of open source projects that exist today, recommend the best OSS for your business application needs and your enterprise architecture, and build an open source roadmap for change.
* Custom Application Development Services
Optaros will assemble and integrate open source components, along with appropriate proprietary or commercial components, into a high quality and secure business solution that meets your needs.
* Business Application Integration
Optaros will customize and configure open source business applications for you and integrate these applications into your existing systems.
* Migration Services
Optaros can help you migrate part or all of an existing business application to a new set of open source software components.
* Support for Open Source Applications and Components
Optaros will provide application maintenance and support for any business application we build or any OSS components we recommend. We will train your IT organization in best practices for open source methodologies, open source software component usage, and open source licensing compliance and awareness.