Friday, January 06, 2006

Infravio - Real World SOA Infravio provides SOA Infrastructure for software services to help organizations adapt to changing business needs and opportunities. X-Registry Platform is the market-leading SOA registry-repository solution. Integrators, ISVs and end users will find the X-Registry Platform to be the most flexible and customizable SOA registry-repository product in the industry.

Information Model APIs include the ability to customize schemas, processes, taxonomies, roles, groups and many other aspects of the SOA solution. These are achived through importing standard XML documents using a number of popular Web Services standards.

The information model APIs can be expressed as an industry verticalization layer. This can adapt the governance functions to the specific needs of vertical industries. These structures would include:

* Industry Standard Taxonomies
* Industry Standard Base Attributes
* Default Roles and Organizational Models
* Pre-Populated Service Definitions
* Verticalized governance processes

A number of industries are developing standard data structures which can be implemented in our registry information model. These standards include:

* TMF NGOSS, eTom, TML, DMTF CIM, and DMTF for Telecommunications
* ACORD and iLingo for Insurance
* FpML, FIX, ISO15022, and SWIFT for Financial Services
* OTA standards for Travel
* UDEF, Tax XML, Legal XML for Government
* EbXML for eBusiness
* AIAG standards for Automotive

Other vertical industries which are rapidly gaining standards relevant for SOA

* Petrochemical
* Health Care
* Aerospace
* Retail
* Manufacturing
* Utilities

Infravio has had successes in providing solutions in healthcare, telecommunications, publishing, manufacturing and many other vertical industries. Contact us today to see how Infravio can help provide solutions for your vertical needs.

Core Intellectual Property: Service Delivery Contracts(TM)

Infravio has invested substantial resources in the development of its intellectual assets including Service Delivery Contracts. Service Delivery Contracts are the culmination of the research by Infravio founder Mukund Balasubramanian at the Stanford University program in Computer Science. Infravio is the exclusive licensee of applications of the technology developed in part at Stanford University. Stanford is also a shareholder in Infravio Inc.

The patent-pending Contract based enterprise application services 10/863,773(60/520,230) one of the key technologies underlying Service Delivery contracts. It establishes preferential delivery of services by considering preferences, capabilities or limitations of each service consumer and at least one characteristic of a service provider. Through these service contracts, each service provider/service consumer interaction may be subject to an individualized set of interaction policies (e.g., set of service contract terms).