Thursday, January 19, 2006

Vendavo - Turn Pricing Insight Into Profits With unmatched success among the most demanding industry leaders in chemicals, manufacturing, high technology, and distribution, Vendavo is the price management solution of choice for complex, global corporations.

When costs have been squeezed out of the supply chain, operations have been streamlined, and most processes have been automated, companies have exhausted their traditional avenues to improve earnings. There is one area of opportunity, however, that is proven, practical, yet still largely untapped. Price management remains as a high-potential approach for companies to identify and capture new margin opportunities.

Based on only small changes to pricing and pricing policies, price management solutions not only enable companies to no longer “leave money on the table,” but in fact offer them significant improvement in bottom-line growth—adding 1 to 3 points to return on sales.

Price management consists of three distinct capabilities applied to a company’s pricing processes:

* Insight a way for executives and managers to see and understand every
component that drives pricing performance
* Guidance a way to offer consistent direction, and the proper amount of control,
to prices and policies across the entire business
* Empowerment a way to put in the hands of every user the power to negotiate every aspect of a deal, including price, volume, and terms, for greater profitability

Price management solutions can generate an impressive return on investment through the production of real business benefits. Vendavo has proven the value of price management with industry leaders in chemicals, industrial manufacturing, high technology and distribution, and we invite you to explore the potential of price management with us.