Thursday, January 05, 2006

DataSynapse - Adaptive Grid Infrastructure Software DataSynapse provides adaptive grid infrastructure software that virtualizes access to on demand computing and data resources, creating a scalable service execution environment, enabling greater business agility at lower costs. Our GridServer and FabricServer products virtualize applications and provision them across system resources to eliminate performance barriers and improve productivity levels across the enterprise.

DataSynapse is the fastest-growing provider of grid computing software for commercial applications today. The company's award-winning, production-proven infrastructure software, GridServer, creates an on-demand operating environment that powers all types of mission-critical applications. From legacy to web services, DataSynapse optimizes applications across an enterprise's virtualized computing resources.

The company was founded in 2000 to address the escalating demand for computing power needed to meet business objectives. Founders Peter Lee and Jamie Bernardin formed DataSynapse to deliver revolutionary new technology - distributed computing software that would enable organizations to capture their existing computing power and optimize its use for applications company-wide.

Unlike many other "grid computing" solutions, DataSynapse takes a unique, application-centric approach. DataSynapse helps clients expand business performance while reducing computing costs. Based on trends of commoditization and standardization, the company's GridServer solution can dynamically distribute and manage application workload in an on-demand grid-operating environment.

An Industry Innovator and Market Leader

DataSynapse's solution, GridServer, is the only production-proven solution that extends applications in real time to operate in a distributed computing environment across a virtual pool of underutilized computing resources. DataSynapse's GridServer software creates a self-managed grid computing infrastructure, that generates unparalleled levels of application scalability and reliability, while optimizing computing resources and increasing revenues.

The company's vision has been validated by the growing number of industry leaders that have deployed GridServer - from Wall Street to the public sector. DataSynapse has virtualized their computing infrastructure - from mainframes to servers to desktops - and is delivering measurable business impact. Client implementations have been lauded by Waters, Securities Industry News, Bank Technology News, and Insurance Networking News, earning coveted industry accolades year after year.

Headquartered in New York and London, DataSynapse is a global provider of grid computing for the virtual enterprise in the financial services, manufacturing, energy, and telecommunications and government sectors. The company also has offices in Washington DC, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, San Jose, Milan and Paris.