Wednesday, January 04, 2006

VI Agents - M2M Agents VI | Agents is convinced that large RFID, Auto-ID and M2M roll-outs will happen only if solutions are simple and affordable.

Machine to Machine (M2M) communication takes advantage of Sensing Device technologies in combination with in-built intelligence and the connectivity capabilities available today. M2M networks may comprise home appliances, HVAC thermostats, water controllers, utility meters, sensors and alarms to form a reliable network and communicate over the Internet to enable value added services. But M2M is not about technology. It´s about enhancing existing and enabling new business processes.

VI | Agents´ focus on the value of business processes means that our products and services are fundamentally process-centric. We believe that signals and sensors are enablers for right-time action/re-action within a value network. The combination of Sensing Device technologies and software agent design patterns, within VI | SixD, make simple and cost effective M2M services a reality.