Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cassatt - Smart Infrastructure - Horizontal Scaling Collage creates an on-demand, automated and virtualized, computing infrastructure from your existing servers, networks and storage that aligns your computing resources to your ever-changing business needs. With Collage, you create simple policies for balancing server resources across your applications. Collage assigns resources to meet your service level—then automatically reassigns them as conditions change. Used in conjunction with an SOA or Web services layer and as part of IT automation in the data center environment.

Collage continuously monitors resources in a non-intrusive manner and corrects problems by reallocating hardware from a shared free pool or by pulling resources from lower priority or less heavily loaded applications. By sharing resources and balancing them across applications, Collage increases reliability on demand to all applications—extending high availability to all applications based on priority, not just the most critical.

Cassatt automates IT operations for your Linux, Windows and Solaris servers, improving the efficiency, flexibility and availability of your business operations.

Not a grid technology, but a related technology. Cassatt is a member of the