Thursday, January 05, 2006

*this - Enterprise 2 Factory Floor (E2FF)

*this Starthis, inc. is a provider of automation middleware solutions for enterprise to plant floor integration.

Starthis is the only provider of software which allows enterprise applications running on a J2EE Application Server to communicate directly with industrial machines and controllers.

The Enterprise 2 Factory Floor Manufacturing Information System (E2FF) provides tools, for IT and Operations professionals, to manage production information throughout the plant. Industrial automation control devices may generate sizable amounts of data, but no one benefits if it is locked up on the plant floor.

Turn your production information into useable work-in-process intelligence with E2FF. This is also the easiest way to facilitate collaboration between the IT and Operations staff. E2FF is designed to provide direct access to real-time plant floor data with the strictest supervisory security standards in the industry. No one has to compromise with the Enterprise 2 Factory Floor Manufacturing Information System.

E2FF resides at a central location in the enterprise, providing the tools needed to turn plant floor data into production intelligence. Production data is only valuable when it becomes useable intelligence delivered directly to the people who need it, when and where they need. E2FF turns work-in-process into knowledge throughout the enterprise.