Thursday, January 05, 2006

Spike Source - Business Ready Open Source Infrastructure Deploying open source software in a production environment requires integration, configuration, testing, maintenance and technical support. That can be a tall order.

But we mitigate the risk of using open source by making your open source infrastructure business-ready—integrated, tested, configured and easy to install. We keep it updated in a secure and reliable manner. We minimize the resources you need to maintain it, so you can refocus more of them on your business. So you get all the upside of open source without the downside. It's the best of both worlds.

Learn more about how SpikeSource integrates, configures, tests, maintains and supports your open source infrastructure.

* Integration

Many open source components are developed as best-of-breed point solutions. They don't necessarily work well with other components. So you need someone to make sure they do. That would be SpikeSource.

* Configuration

Open source components come with configuration options. You may have a solution with X number of components, each having a number of configurations. That's like a machine with a lot of moving parts. It could take weeks to get it running smoothly. Do you have weeks? We do.

* Testing

Of course you're going to use your open source solution in a production situation. Otherwise, what's the point? But how do you know it's reliable, predictable and secure? You test it over and over. Every time a component changes, you test the component, you test the configuration, and you test the component and the configuration against the entire solution stack. That's interoperability testing. And we know all about that.

Our automated test harness runs in a production environment with all the other components in your solution. It tests in six language runtimes, on six different operating systems, including Windows.

* Maintenance

Maintenance is a big deal with open source because it's always changing. Change means constant innovation and improvement, but it requires more maintenance because each component is managed separately. A fix in one component could break something in another part of the stack.