Friday, February 03, 2006

United Devices - Grid Computing Solutions United Devices is the market leader in enterprise grid solutions, delivering dynamic application infrastructures for businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries.

UD offers comprehensive grid and infrastructure management software and services to enable the virtualization of applications across all areas of the business. We help organizations build enterprise grid infrastructures and develop centralized grid service offerings to optimize application workflow at dramatically reduced costs.

Innovative Solutions
UD solutions optimize an organization's existing resources (including clusters, servers and desktops) to create an enterprise-wide capacity on-demand environment to maximize application performance and license utilization for both business side and HPC applications.

Our products include the flagship Grid MP platform, which creates a dynamic virtual infrastructure to transform existing systems, storage, and networks into a powerful on-demand resource. Grid MP enables any organization to coordinate and share existing applications across complex, geographically dispersed enterprises.

We also offer the leading enterprise meta-scheduling solution MP Synergy for virtualized control over the entire HPC infrastructure. With MP Synergy, organizations can manage job scheduling using Grid MP and also across heterogeneous, widely distributed resources - including clusters operated by 3rd party tools like LSF and PBS, dedicated servers, and non-dedicated desktop resources.

And with MP Insight, our capacity management and reporting solution, companies can measure, report on and analyze their entire infrastructure's capacity and utilization in order to make more cost-effective planning and spending decisions.

Real Business Value
Our customers use UD solutions to solve high-priority challenges - and deliver real value to the business. Key differentiators include:

* Robust application framework
* Enterprise scalability
* Infrastructure virtualization
* World-class security and manageability
* Affordable pricing

Benefits include:

* Improved Application performance / robustness
* Reduced time to market / quicker ROI
* Enhanced work capabilities / scope
* Reduced infrastructure spending
* Better utilization of existing investments (ROIC)
* Enhanced resource-sharing across organizations
* Maximized commercial application license utilization