Friday, February 03, 2006

Avarsys - Enterprise Grid Computing Architecture According to an independent survey of America’s fastest growing companies, 47% of their CEOs believe their most critical success factor is having flexible strategies to respond to accelerating business changes. They see change being driven by the increasingly dynamic global economy, regulatory requirements and high levels of innovation that typically refers to technology.

AvarSYS agrees with 47% of the CEOs surveyed and adopted a definite aim to be a leader in providing economic business integration solutions that are flexible, unstoppable and adaptive to accelerating business changes just-in-time.

AvarSYS is a solution provider specializing in developing, integrating and deploying service-oriented architectures with underlining grid and on demand virtualized computing infrastructure and application technologies for public and private market sectors worldwide.

AvarSYS carefully chooses stable global partners that share its vision and commitment to proven technologies and services needed for its solutions. One key partner and strategic influencer is the Enterprise Grid Alliance (EGA) who is a vendor-neutral, global consortium focused on grid technologies that are used in our infrastructure solutions.

AvarSYS Solution Focuses are:

* Full Enterprise Grid Computing and Service-Oriented Reference Architectures
* Platform Migrations & Consolidations
* BI and Operational Grid Applications
* Resource and Administration Management Tools
* SOA and Grid Component Provisioning
* Professional Services