Friday, February 03, 2006

Qlusters - Keeps your data center up and running Qlusters provides an open source systems management platform to automate enterprise data centers.

Qlusters significantly reduces annual management costs for complex enterprise data centers, increases server utilization, and minimizes downtime of IT infrastructure and business applications. Qlusters Resource Manager is a proven, open source systems management that integrates with existing components in enterprise data centers to create scalable, highly available and customizable infrastructures. Used as part of an on demand, IT automation or virtual data center strategy.


Today’s data centers face many of the following challenges:

* Growing number of servers, measured in hundreds, if not thousands
* Quality of service, especially availability, difficult to ensure compared to legacy systems
* Inconsistent policies applied to IT assets and operations
* Workload fluctuations and unpredictable demand spikes
* Inflexible infrastructure with applications tied to individual servers

Qlusters has introduced a next generation, open source systems management platform, Qlusters Resource Manager, built specifically to address these challenges

Benefits realized by Qlusters Resource Manager:

Qlusters Resource Manager delivers value to data centers by:

* Reducing cost of management: allows system administrators to effectively manage hundreds of servers versus a few dozen systems
* Minimizing downtime of infrastructure and applications: handles application failures smoothly and automatically, without manual intervention
* Increased server utilization: reduces data centers needs to over-provision server resources to applications, now data centers can deploy servers when needed

Qlusters Resource Manager allows data centers to operate more servers without adding staff, and eliminates much of the fire fighting faced by administrators today. Enterprises save money and IT staffs dedicate more attention to value-add projects.

Built on Open Source:
The foundation of Qlusters Resource Manager is the open source project openQRM. This allows Qlusters to offer customers who desire customized implementations an alternative to closed source software and professional services, that is access to source code.
Qlusters’ approach differs from closed vendors whose business practices lock customers into proprietary products, and expensive, time-consuming deployments. Data centers can stop paying the “proprietary tax” of closed source system management solutions by implementing Qlusters Resource Manager.

Download openQRM and see for yourself:

Qlusters Resource Manager capabilities:

Qlusters Resource Manager provides value through the following features:

Automating IT and business policies: implements application-specific policies automatically to ensure IT service level objectives.

Dynamic provisioning: deploys applications to customers in minutes, not hours, allowing data centers to respond to fluctuations in demand. Resources provisioned as needed according to policy, so companies avoid the cost of over-provisioning and the pain of under-provisioning.

Centralized image management: provides a single view of all systems, providing improved management and audit of IT assets. Administrators can apply updates and patches, or roll-back, in minutes, across hundreds of systems.

Hardware and Application High Availability: simplified availability options allows for IT departments to provide superior availability objectives to more applications at a lower cost.