Wednesday, February 22, 2006

AcceptSoftware - Roadmap to market success Accept Software provides the leading turnkey solution for product planning and delivery for any company that has to manage complexity in its portfolio and product planning, product development and launch activities. Our product – Accept 360° – is a comprehensive solution that unites all stakeholders, processes, and data that are critical to delivering winning products.

Accept 360° - Platform for Product Delivery

Accept 360° is an information management and decision support platform that can be used by every participant throughout the product lifecycle to define product strategies, translate these strategies into tactical plans, and then execute to plan while continuing to respond to ever-changing market and customer conditions.

Accept 360° achieves all this by providing an easy-to-use, rich collaborative environment that:

* Encourages knowledge sharing
* Creates a single unified repository that models all of the critical factors and dependencies affecting successful product delivery
* Provides decision support tools that present information in context to help ensure effective decision-making

Accept Software was founded in 2002 and maintains its headquarters in Fremont, CA. Our flagship product, Accept 360°, is used by leading product and service companies throughout the world to deliver market-leading products. Accept has production customers from start-ups to the Global 2000, in a variety of industries from software and electronics to transportation and business services.