Friday, February 03, 2006

Optena - Do IT Smart (Grid spaces) GridSpaces is a next generation Grid computing platform that empowers commercial organizations to effectively manage and affordably leverage the power of Grids. GridSpaces brings the power of real-time analysis and decision making to any organization - significantly reducing the cycle time of information intensive business processes.

Optena helped Oracle reduce their testing cycles by 80% and significantly reduce capital and operational costs, increase the developer productivity and product quality.

Optena GridSpaces harnesses the power of Grid computing within a dynamic, highly automated management environment. GridSpaces enables the centralized command and control of distributed Grid resources, eliminating the tedious and repetitious management tasks associated with first generation Grid platforms. Powered by a Dynamic Sense and Respond Architecture, GridSpaces can also automatically and continuously align the computing Grid’s resources to optimize computational business applications – with no manual tuning or administration.