Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Identify - Accelerating Application Problem Resolution

www.identify.com Founded in 1996, Identify Software is the leader in Application Problem Resolution (APR) software. The company's AppSight Application Problem Resolution System is used by enterprises and independent software and system vendors (ISVs) to automate and dramatically accelerate their problem resolution processes across the application lifecycle in order to increase application availability and quality, reduce support costs, and accelerate product releases. AppSight is the first and only, comprehensive solution for application problem resolution across the application lifecycle, with an architecture uniquely designed from the ground up to optimize the process of resolving problems.

Identify is one of the fastest growing software companies in the general Application Management space.

The company maintains its operational headquarters in New York, with R&D based in Identify's AppSight Problem Resolution System provides a comprehensive lifecycle problem resolution solution—as such, it generally belongs in the Application Lifecycle Management and Application Management market spaces.

AppSight is a system built on a unique problem resolution architecture that was designed from the ground up with proprietary Black Box technology to optimize the problem resolution process.

* Optimizes the problem resolution process by automating the capture of all problem information, eliminating the need to reproduce the problem and its environment, accelerates root cause analysis by removing the iterative trial and error steps inherent in manual approaches
* Enables collaboration across the application lifecycle among all organizations involved in the problem resolution process (Development, Test/QA, and Support)
* Supports all application architectures (client/server, Web, etc.) across heterogeneous environments (.NET, J2EE, Windows) to provide complete coverage of your application portfolio
* Provides a purpose-built interface that automates the tasks performed by teams that participate in the problem resolution process (Level 1 Support, Level 2 Support, Development, and Testing)
* Can be used to diagnose the root cause of any application behavior (problem)

AppSight has a No-Barrier licensing model that ensures complete coverage of large-scale production environments on clients and servers, as well as remote customer locations, through no cost Black Box distribution

Identify Software’s AppSight is used by some of the world’s top IT service providers, outsourcing firms, systems integrators, and IT consultants to resolve software application problems up to 80% faster. They report benefits across the application lifecycle—accelerated application delivery, shorter test cycles, improved product quality, reduced support costs, and improved application availability and performance.

With comprehensive problem analysis capabilities and cross-platform support for Microsoft Windows, Microsoft .NET, and J2EE environments, Identify's AppSight has set the industry standard for a complete solution for application problem resolution.

Benefits for providers throughout the service lifecycle

Bidding and capture phase:

* Deep application insight provides fast knowledge acquisition for more competitive bids and achievable Service Definition Policies and SLAs

Application development phase:

* Accelerate project cycles with higher quality results during design, coding, testing
* Embedding AppSight Black Box into released code creates a mechanism for rich communication of problem data from the enterprise’s environment back to the service provider, without having to rely on end-user recollections

Relationship management & customer care phase:

* Service Provisioning: Deep application insight provides fast knowledge acquisition for more competitive bids and achievable Service Definition Policies and SLAs
* Service Activation: Problem capture and rapid root cause analysis enables quick start application support with lower project start-up costs
* Service Assurance: Problem capture and rapid root cause analysis enable SLA compliance on availability, functionality, and performance, throughout the project life, despite team turnover
* Change Management: Rapid recovery from deployment glitches
* Service Retirement: Application insight leaves client with knowledge asset