Monday, February 06, 2006

CXO Systems - Real time visibility via dashboards CXO Systems delivers software solutions that give business executives right-time views of their key risk and performance indicators to run their business more efficiently and profitably. In the past, this was a challenging and expensive proposition, particularly for dynamic companies with time sensitive and event based information needs, where change in events, operations and organizational structure is constant. The difficulty attaining these views stems from the fact that the underlying business information and the associated intelligence is distributed across the enterprise, scattered over disparate systems and processes, constantly changing in time and to a large extent hidden from the view of executives. We call this problem the Visibility Problem.

CXO Systems helps to solve the Visibility problem by providing consolidated business information in the form of real-time business visibility dashboards. CXO Systems fills the gap between the information available in backend systems, data flowing on top of the Network, and the real-time information needed from external and desktop files.