Thursday, March 30, 2006

Samooha Web 3.0? Samooha claims to be a business computing platform that unifies all the activities of a business cycle into one platform offered by Zudha, India, the developers of finest software in Open and Proprietary software domain. Samooha promises to be the first disruptive business software application from India that infuses paradigm shift in business computing. The openness and liberal approach applied in Samooha- Empowered Business Networks would drastically change the business exposure of the product/service providers who adopt the platform to continuously evolve their business IT adoption that would be second to none in the world. In short Samooha would interconnect the small business owners more than ever before.

Samooha is a unified Business Platform for performing all activities of a business cycle under one desktop application and thereby reducing precious input hours that can be utilized for other business needs. The idea is to drastically reduce the duplicate entry of data at dual points of business transactions.

The basic assumption in business is that every business entity has 3 distinct activities that can be broadly classified as buying, processing and selling. With the assumption of every entity as a buyer and seller Samooha offers whole new way of utilizing business computing to the advantage of increasing business exposure of small businesses.

Unified Business Platform
Distributed real time Business Info Search
Distributed Business Networking Platform
Distributed fully connected ERP system
Distributed self-organized Supply Chain System
Distributed real time CRM
Distributed real time Sourcing Engine
Distributed Business Collaboration Platform
Distributed e-Market place
Internet enabled Business Desktop

The web is broken and business information computing cycle is scattered all over. The integration of disparate systems have been cumbersome for large enterprises who were early adopters of IT systems. The lessons learned have been applied well in Samooha to provide alternatives for business enterprises all over the world to conduct business without barrier with seamless flow of information on demand directly from source to destination and the other way.