Friday, March 03, 2006

Actua - Intelligent Touch Controls Atrua Technologies defined and leads a new category of control solutions known as intelligent touch controls, which bring a more responsive, intuitive, rich, and personal user experience to the advanced applications and services found on today’s mobile and consumer electronics devices.

Atrua’s intelligent touch controls combine innovative touch sensors with intelligent touch-processing software so that our customers can make mobile phones, computers, personal media players, gaming platforms, remote controls, and other electronic devices that are more engaging, capable, adaptable, responsive, and secure.

Control solutions from Atrua usher in a new era in user experience by replacing dumb switches, buttons, and dials with control devices that possess their own intelligence. Get ready for the excitement of controls that:

* Learn and respond to your touch
* Adaptively change their behavior to optimally control converged devices that support multiple applications
* Unlock the powerful 3D sound, graphics, display, communication, networking, and processing capabilities found today even on the smallest of mobile devices
* Bring easy-to-use, multi-factor security and biometric authentication to small mobile devices that increasingly are used to carry and access sensitive information or perform commercial transactions.

Supported by world-class strategic partners and blue chip investors, we have created the Atrua Wing family of intelligent fingerprint-reading touch controls and the Atrua Varatouch family of intelligent analog touch controls.

* Atrua Wings products accurately identify a user’s individual fingers, provide fingerprint-based biometric authentication, and convert finger movements into a variety of powerful user commands and responsive control functions.
* Atrua Varatouch products are cost-effective, high-performance analog controls such as joysticks, navigation discs, and touch pads that are ideal for mobile devices. All the controls utilize Atrua’s Intelligent Touch Processing software platform.