Thursday, March 30, 2006

looksoftware - Enterprise application modernization A privately held technology company, looksoftware has been trading since 1995. Our core purpose is to provide our customers with rapid return on investment (ROI) by using our innovative software solutions and 'on-the-fly' architecture, which delivers market leading ease of use and productivity. Our head office is located in Melbourne, Australia. We have direct representation in the US, UK and Asia and, from our network of 120+ Partners, we provide global coverage and support to over 1500 customers.

Our experience and knowledge of the software industry has taught us that the keys to success are easy-to-use, powerful tools that deliver rapid ROI by reusing, extending and integrating existing IT assets. Our customers use our products to deliver rapid ROI through non-intrusive enterprise modernization. Our products support real-time, dynamic use, eliminating batch-based, multi-step, error-prone processes. Our functionality includes the rapid application development capability required for composite applications. Our experience with smart, thin and mobile UIs provides a complete UI framework for new and existing applications. Our support for standards such as Web Services and XML provide our customers with a practical, evolutionary path to Service Oriented Architecture.

IBM's eServers are used by many medium to large organizations - they host thousands of robust applications, many of which require modernization to properly take advantage of Service Orientation and Composite Applications. Our solutions allow these applications to integrate with almost any other platform at the presentation, application and database layers.

Application Vendors imbed our technology in their industry solutions to provide modern, extensible UIs and support for open integration.